Academy for Coach Training


 The Academy for Coaching Parents

A premier, global coach-training organization, founded in 2004, that trains and certifies helping professionals to facilitate positive transformation in human relationships.

Who Are We?

Global Mission

ACPI trains and certifies life coaches or consultants in coaching parents, or families, or persons in relationships.

Our global mission is to transform relationships through HeartWise® Nurture  strategies through conscious caring, connection, and compassion. Our programs draw from the hard sciences of how the brain works, emotional skills and self-regulation, how core temperaments influence Childrens-emotional-intelligence/">behavior and adaptive skills, combined with well articulated tools and methods.









The HeartWise® Nurture strategies offer you

  • The Nurturing model of relationship
  • Positive psychology research on the heart-focused qualities of relationships like happiness or gratitude
  • Positive discipline, as the focus of every person deserves respect, and we coach responsiveness.
  • Evolutionary psychology contributes the resilient temperament traits to the strengths-based coaching model.
  • Transpersonal psychology of honoring the human spirit and the needs, values, and strengths of the “whole person”

Does This Resonate With You?

ACPI’s 2015 Mission is to train 300 life coaches for parents, families, and persons in relationships.  We train you so you

  1. Can fulfill your calling
  2. Make a positive difference
  3. Take control of your professional career
  4. Be compensated well for your natural interpersonal skills
Overview of Programs

ACPI Offers The Following Certification Trainings

Parent Coach Mastery Is The Foundation Course for Coaching Skills

What Makes Academy Coach-Training Different?

Proven Strategies

The coaching skills are proven. The parenting skills combine the art and science of honoring values and temperaments. The business skills are timeless and serve you throughout life

Ownership & Access

The training materials are yours to launch your business. You ‘ll give them your stamp of authority. Your access to the Influencer-Authority membership is good forever.

Have Influencer-Authority

Your top credentials serve your role as an Influencer and Authority that not only makes a difference, but is the difference.

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