Positively influence parenting and families through coaching and educating.

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academy for coaching parents

academy for coaching parents international

academy for coaching parents international

ACPI offers life coach training, and certifications for parenting, families, and relationships.

Are you a business consultant, coach, trainer, or educator? Are you a nurturer, an heart-person, who is called to work with people? Do you strive to help others grow, solve problems, improve, learn, or be better? Then you’re in the right place. Our content includes coach-training programs, systematic business building, courses you can offer, materials and products that support your growth as an Influencer and Authority in your expertise. ACPI has excelled in this role for a decade, and we have learned through the years what you need to succeed, whether you are working within a community or wish to grow into a global audience online.

How Does It Work?

These three main areas at ACPI will definitely interest you. 1. Overview Coach-Training Programs: ACPI  offers specific coach training that offer certifications as a Certified Coach or as a Consultant. Which designation you choose depends on your goal and work setting. An expert gives direct advice, usually on a short-term or one-time basis. A coach provides longer-term support, usually from a minimum of one month and up to six or twelve months. 2. Influencer-Authority Membership: This new 2015 addition to ACPI is a treasure trove for you. The Nurturers of the world are heart-centered beings who serve. Learning an online business, marketing, copywriting, list-building. Blogging etc. could be overwhelming, as many new coaches and others new to internet marketing (IM) have experienced. We’ve taken ACPI’s content, coupled it with Dr. Goode’s files, knowledge, and experience to create the Influencer-Authority Information Trove.  This membership area will include many free resources, low-cost courses, and private label products you can use for sales, courses you can teach, or as articles on your blog. There is nothing else like this phenomenal library for entrepreneurs, helping professionals and online marketers 3. Information in different formats: The blog often offers downloads of affirmations, coach training, and coaching tools. You will also find articles on parenting and nurturing children. Free resources are an often-updated library of materials for parents, coaches for parents, families and others. Learn about varied Internet resources for getting website traffic and building your email lists like how to get listed in local directories like http://www.visitorsdetails.com/or global directories.

How Much Work and Time Is Required?

Coach Training ProgramsTwo hours a week are devoted to the course, usually on Wednesday night for persons in the Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern time zones. For International groups of persons wishing to be trained, courses are offered at a time convenient to group members like at 8:30 am pacific time. In addition to the class hours, you may spend from 30 to 90 minutes per week in assignments, such as reading the course text, completing a written assignment, or practicing coaching skills with another student in the course.  You can join the live class or take the course privately with mentoring.

What Results Can I Expect?

Completing the course requirements of a specific coach training results in a certificate designating the title of Certified Coach for (families, parents, families of special needs, stressed kids) or the title of Certified Parenting Coach. Other titles could be Certified…….Family Coach, Families Coach, Intuitive Coach, Intuitive Parent Coach, Coach for Intuitive Parents & Children, Special Needs… More results include receiving from $50 to $300 of digital ebooks, tools, and worksheets depending upon the courses topic. Business Training: The systemized course in Business-Marketing Blueprints results in your business plan, marketing plan, and your business story, values offered, financial plan and 6-month outlook for income priorities. Truly, you will be ready to increase a current business or start a new coaching business. Influencer-Authority Resources offer many, but different results based on your coaching niche and where you want to focus your business growth. Naturally, everyone’s results will vary. It all depends on how you use the time you free up. You could focus on specific revenue streams like…

  • Words of Wisdom (WOW) Webinars to bring in more customers.
  • Building your email list
  • Conducting teleseminars and podcasts
  • How to blog
  • How to do simple copy writing
  • How to develop and sell a simple product
  • Create resources to give customers more value and keep them returning to your site or blog.
  • Create monthly training or coaching hours
  • Create courses to sell individually
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