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Dr_Caron-Goode-150x1501Hello and Welcome to ACPI,

I am Dr. Caron Goode, founder of ACPI. When I grew up, my mother and I shared a love of roses, especially the blue rose. The rare blue rose perfectly represents new beginnings or choosing a new path.  When we choose a path which rings with our desire to follow our calling, our hearts become full. The excitement of the journey rises and sometimes the happiness cannot be described in words, but a rare blue rose embodies the beauty of the moment and the chosen path.


certified parent-family coach


3 Primary Paths for Coach Training & Certification

With ACPI your choices for training and certification include certified parent-family coach, certified parent-temperament coach-profiler, and becoming a licensed ACPI Trainer for the courses you would like to teach.

ACPI Provides Digital Resources To Support Parents and Families

Although the current resources are digital, they can be printed for a course you teach or use the worksheets with your coaching clients.

Dr. Goode Offers Private Mentoring

When you interview with Dr. Goode, you can discuss any desire or need for private mentoring. You schedule your weekly time with Dr. Goode, and you can include this hourly fee with your tuition payment(s).

ACPI Training Includes Core Temperaments

Parenting Style Temperaments Are The New Century’s Influence on Parenting With Positive Approaches To Your Child’s Temperament

ACPI Offers Niche Courses To Support Your Expertise

The niche courses are designated as expertise builders to establish your influence or authority in your field.

We Help You Jumpstart A Successful Coaching Business

A successful business when you work from home requires certain steps in planning and working through an automated system. This is easy to do once you learn the steps. Some coaches work with Dr. Goode privately so they can be in business quickly.

We Offer Online Business Expertise Courses So You Have A Global Presence

Take a look at the extensive index of courses for you. membership required.



The Academy’s coach training programs have been offered globally for a decade. In addition, ACPI licenses trainers in a variety of countries who align with ACPI’s philosophy of nurturing, compassionate coaching and parenting. The Trainer role is perfect for small businesses and coaching schools with geographic exclusivity.

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Taking the time to learn and understand core temperament styles has been a game changer for me both personally and professionally.

Applying Core temperament styles in my work has given me the ability to guide parents to take what I like to call a “no- blame” , proactive approach to communication and behavior.   My clients experience more “AHA” moments once they are able to understand who their children are at their core (as well as themselves).

“Katy’s parents now see her behavior of dancing on the hearth of the fireplace for anyone that may be present as one of her core needs for creative expression as well as her need to be the center of attention.  Katy is no longer punished for seemingly being disruptive and rude and her parents are now able to meet her needs through dance and theater classes”.

I thank Dr. Caron Goode for providing me, and subsequently all of my clients, with such important and valuable information to help families understand one another and to create the connections that are so desperately needed.

Sharon Egan

Certified Parenting Coach and Trainer, Parenting For Happy Families

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