Family Coaching Training


Please direct any questions about the format or mechanics of the presentations to

Please direct any questions regarding the Family Coach Training to trainer Sharon Egan, 1-404-432-1590

The course title and homework are listed below. Homework must be completed and accepted by the Trainer in order to receive the credits for the course. Send all completed assignments directly to the trainer. .


The following five classes are presented in this order: Class Title and Class Homework 


  1. Supporting Family Culture- Roles, Values, Mission Statements: Understanding the impact of your family role. Complete exercise in this week’s presentation. Identifying your values- Complete Values exercise.
  2. Coaching Families in Communication and Connection: Create a family coaching vignette. Apply key skills to guide this family towards reaching their goals.
  3. Coaching Family Stressors and TransitionsAnswer questions within this presentation about stressors and coaching families to respond effectively.
  4. Discipline Process & Decisions 1:Describe how you would coach a family struggling with behavior concerns utilizing proactive discipline methods taught in this class.
  5. Sixteen Discipline Process & Decisions 2: Create a vignette-Utilizing the cycle of misbehavior and the guiding principles for change, apply concepts discussed throughout to coach and educate.


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The Values Cards will be sent to you via snail mail.

A complete set is mailed via snail mail.

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