Interviewing interested people to become Parenting Coaches revealed their deeper thoughts about why they explore starting an online business. Do you share any of these motivations?

  • To make a difference
  • To get out of the rat race
  • To support and inspire parents
  • To teach and learn.

People pursuing coaching are motivated to give, teach as well as learn, and they have the temperament for patience.

Like me, these coaches-to- be think about the millions of who people drag themselves from their cozy morning bed, dress, warm, grab a hot coffee, and speed off to their jobs. We are thinking  that there has to be a better way? I certainly did as a teacher and trainer. I intuitively knew and often daydreamed about working from home. Then I dismissed the entire notion out of my ignorance.

I didn't know much about the computer.
I didn't know financial budgeting.
I didn't know what kind of living I could make.
I had an idea for an online business plan but was overwhelmed whenever I tried to read how to create one and use it.

Yet, I was so discouraged and tired of the eight to five...six...and seven....

When You Crave The Answer, The Opportunity Shows Up

When my opportunity presented as a real-life option, I plunged right into an online business. And I was determined to do my homework.

If the statistics are accurate, that more than 90% of online businesses fail within the first six months, then planning for success if your first and vital step.

Fact One: Don't Plan a Business. Plan for a Legacy.

Success is possible, and planning your business makes success real, probable, and profitable. A prosperous online business happens because you put specific factors in place. Most people think that running a successful internet business is about having a website and hanging out the sign that reads: Open For Business.

Fact Two: Managing a successful business online requires self-discipline to put your plan of activities in motion.

When you work at home, you motivate yourself to put in the time:

  • One hour per day for marketing.
  • Selected hours per week are working with your webmaster.
  • Planning and creating products.
  • Connecting and engaging your online audience, depending on where they hang out online

Internet businesses do not run on auto-pilot. Well-established internet marketing gurus have to put in long, tedious hours on their businesses. Eventually, they automate as many functions as possible.

The online gurus put in their time and effort, and success like that does not happen overnight. The people who would like to work from home must prepare for the time investment that leads to success.

Fact Three: Gurus may define success according to the income they earn. Or the number of people on their email list may represent their stature.

How Do You Define Online Business Success?

People who want an online business learn to run their endeavor as a business rather than putting in sporadic

successful online business

a website screen promises to instruct you on how to set up and launch your own web presence for your internet business in order to generate traffic and drive sales

time and effort as if it were a hobby. The people who are in charge of a business need to understand the accepted practices of business.

Fact Four: As much as this sounds like basic common sense, it is not common. Learn the meaning and hands-on managing of overhead expenses, projected income, and what influences the profit and loss of your business.

An Internet business person needs basic financial knowledge. If you know HOW to make financial decisions, that is the first basic step. You can hire an accounting firm each year to complete tax returns and deal with the rules of the Internal Revenue System. Your job then is to manage the incoming and outgoing assets to balance your activities.

It is true that you can hire accounting firms that will tell you WHEN you must make tax deposits, for example, but these companies will not be able to tell you IF you need to make them.

Fact Five: An accountant can tell you what your profit is. You, however, need to know how to make or earn the profits through sound business principles.

Successful companies are not accidents. It is not even reasonable to expect to make a profit from a new business enterprise for several months. However, with sufficient resources, you can

Fact Six: You must have sufficient resources available to not only launch your business but provide for your personal needs for an extended period.

Hidden Fact: As you read through this article, you are desperate for starting a successful online business but too afraid to take your first step or if you have already started a business you must be jammed in its complication and looking for a guru to help you grow your business.

You are right – We can certainly help.

Join our course Successful Coaching Business Set-Up In Systemized Steps and let us guide you through the whole process.

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