Parent Coach Training Enrolling January 1, 2014


Papilio Rumanzovia Butterfly on FlowerA foundation for a Parent Coach is knowing yourself. This self-awareness is the ultimate goal of anyone in any helping profession, and even more important for a new coach or mentor.



The Parent Coach Training is the role of a lifetime.

ACPI offers you a unique opportunity for you to be paid for and build upon your natural people skills.

You can receive a substantial discount by attending this webinar on January 7, 2014. 


 The Parent Coach Training Program for….

  • Entrepreneurs ready to embark on a lucrative career as an ACPI Parent Coach or Consultant
  • Business leaders who want a fast, effective way to enhance their personal effectiveness and communication skills
  • Professionals looking for innovative marketing strategies to help boost business and increase awareness and revenue
  • Parents seeking professional expertise in understanding how to nurture, connect, play and help their children manage stress, people and learning preferences

A Foundation for a Parent Coach

Knowing yourself is the ultimate goal of anyone in any helping profession, and even more important for a new coach or mentor. Knowing yourself means that you are aware of your personal style, and of the strengths, challenges and skills you need to develop to be a leader in your field. Knowing yourself means that you are aware of how you:

  •  Perceive and interact with the world Deal with the environment Respond to people
  • Identify your stress levels and manage stressors
  •  Manage your thoughts
  • Deal with your emotions
  • Perceive your self worth
  • Clarify your values, and
  • Balance your life

The benefits of knowing yourself are numerous. First, you become clear on what you can offer potential clients and ensure that you attract the clientele you are able to serve best. You learn to manage your life as a model for other to emulate. You identify the skills you need to be the best coach. In addition, you become an aware, motivated individual who learns not to judge yourself, and thereby not to judge your clients.

By acknowledging your gifts, you can identify what you offer a client. By accepting your challenges in an honest way, you help your clients accept their shortcomings. You establish an inner sense of presence that others define as charisma, and that energy of influence is vital for building lasting relationships and ensuring your business success. You can develop a plan for self-growth, that is a plan of personal awareness and acceptance, and develop your skills to perfect your coaching style.


The Reviews Are In:

“Most parents don’t have access to the information a parent coach can provide. Once they do, their whole mindset, thought process and philosophy changes for the better and to be the one that brought someone to such a great awareness truly is the role of a lifetime.” – Kristy Dixon, ACPI-certified coach for parents, PURE Parenting


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