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3. Key to Financially Successful Parent Coaches

Focus on the formation of a financially successful business like the Academy brought out strengths that were waiting to be used again. Resilience surfaced and opened the door to passion. which fueled more focus. That kind of focus moves helplessness out of the way, making room for hope, creativity, and of course, more focus, and eventually financially successful in the role you love!

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2. Parent Coaching Is An Empowerment Model

Within the psychotherapy and counseling domains, a client employs a professional with a degree in psychology, counseling, or medicine. Often the sessions are held at the therapist’s office. An insurance company may pay the invoice. This is a medical model:  Within the...

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1. Parent Coaching Series

People pay coaches to help them reach their goals by encouraging, celebrating, and listening to them on a regular basis.  Sessions might be individualized or in a group. A coach is an empowerment expert who challenges, stimulates, questions, and holds his or her...

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Parenting the Whole Child

Some see parenting the whole child as a paradox. It implies that we honor our children’s wholeness while we dissect and discuss the parts of the whole—physical body, mind, emotions and spirit. It may indeed be paradoxical, but it’s our way of understanding how the...

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