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Do You Love Group Coaching?

One-on-one personal coaching has been the holy grail of coaching for business, health, or personal goals. Yet, many people prefer a group coaching program. What is your preference?  With one-on-one coaching, it’s just client and your coach. The focus is all on your...

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First Coaching Session-First Impression

Your first session with your client requires setting the standard and the tone for all the sessions. Why does the first impression become important for all future sessions? Your customer’s trust, comfort level, inspiration, enthusiasm, and motivation will indicate the comfort level in confiding and engaging in the conversation with you.

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Get Into The Parent Coaching Profession

Your Invitation To Parenting Coaching! Quit Dreaming and Start Coaching Why Do Families Need Coaches? Training and raising a child could be as challenging as managing a little league baseball team, or a parent may not have had a healthy role model to follow. They may...

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Parent Coaching Skills for Innovative Change

What if your calling to support parents and children were your career? The value ACPI provides extends far beyond the monetary aspects of the parent coaching profession. Being a parent coach is exciting and inspiring, but how exactly does it add value to the coach’s...

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Key to Financially Successful Parent Coaches

Focus on the formation of a financially successful business like the Academy brought out strengths that were waiting to be used again. Resilience surfaced and opened the door to passion. which fueled more focus. That kind of focus moves helplessness out of the way, making room for hope, creativity, and of course, more focus, and eventually financially successful in the role you love!

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