Coaching Families

The certified parent coach, as a family partner, is an upbeat example and influence in assisting families today. Coaching Families could include defining their values, creating a family crest, or making communication maps.  Many parents have told ACPI coaches that  finally understanding  how their core temperaments clashed with their child’s developing traits was a profound experience. Coaching families could include systematizing the routines that help being a family member enjoyable. The coaches will define:

the roles they wish to offer families,

design the family-coach agreement,

decipher their personal brand, strengths, and their coaching tools,

Discuss their ideas of how coaching with families looks and works.

The skills a family coach receives through ACPI training and brings to you include:

  • Knowing personal core values
  • Knowing core temperament
  • Demonstrating how you recognize core temperament patterns in your life.
  • Demonstrating why this is foundation for your coaching skills
  • Demonstrating why this knowledge is beneficial in working with a family member or members, and how it empowers your ability to coach people.
  • Determine family needs – time management? Financial planning? De-stress times? Prioritize values and family decisions.
  • Coaching through discipline issues

Become a Parent-Family Coach with ACPI