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Deborah A. Beasley, ACPI Special Needs Coach for Parents and Families, is the Founder and director of Together At Last Family Support in Southern New Jersey. She is an author, educator, and presenter, with a combined 17 years professional and personal experience working with adoptive and special needs families. Her areas of expertise focus on children with traumatic stress, behavioral and regulatory disorders.

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“Relationship based intervention is the use of ongoing affective, connected interaction to promote developmental progress, focusing on co-regulation, engagement, and social reciprocity.”

Joshua Feder, M.D.

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  1. To help the special needs child connect to and relate with parents or family members in ways that promotes social skills, cognitive development, and flexible adaptation.
  2. Co-Create safe, supportive environments and strong loving connections for parents and behaviorally-challenged children
  3. Learn and practice the Open Heart approach to establishing relationships



1. To develop new insights into the culture and lifestyle of working with, living with, and raising a child with special needs and behavioral difficulties.
2. To introduce you to the joys, concerns, fears, and barriers families face with their disorganized and dysregulated children.
3. To train coaching and facilitation of change through relationship.
4. To understand the heart of the disorganized/dysregulated child the root and cause of difficult behavior.
5. To know and apply the science and practical solutions to help individuals, parents, or families provide healing regulation for themselves and their children.
6. To learn how to consult with community agencies, and work within their ethics and guidelines.
7. To use the forms, checklists, and tested, valuable tools, and user-friendly resources to accomplish the goals.

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