Why Do Some People Feel More Confident?

Other people have significant, even debilitating fears, about feeling hopeful and convinced. Others, like me, have periods when doubts crowd out healthy esteem or some childhood fear blocks your from a new experience.

If you need help, or if you help others with healthier esteem, then this course provides the formula for adjusting the mindset and having healthier self-esteem.

You’ll learn how to gently move through doubts, change the voice in your head, and give yourself the life you deserve and then help others do the same.


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With The Unlock Self-Esteem course, You’ll Learn

+ How to change your perspective and reprogram doubtful thoughts

+ How to decrease your fear of situations

+ The inside scoop about what fuels self-doubt

+ Simple steps to improve self-confidence

+ Proven solutions for moving forward

+ Helpful affirmations and quotes for healthier esteem


Dr. Caron Goode Founder of ACPI

Let’s be honest about this… It’s a crazy and unfair world that we live in. But what exactly makes it unfair?  Is it our perspective on life?

Is it that we see others achieving far more than us when we know that we deserve just as much?

Look back through your life, and you might remember the one thing that stopped you from achieving your goals and even the small tasks.

I know that I had such a experience, as have many other women I have coached through the years.

One Thing?

Self-doubt? Synonymous with low self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence?

YES! A simple lack of self-confidence can prevent you from doing great things in life… like meeting new people, going on dates, trying new activities, overcoming fearful obstacles, or becoming an authority and leader in your chosen field.

My Self Doubt Started Early

Trust me because I know. I’ve spent my whole life dealing with self-esteem, or rather, a lack thereof. My lack of self esteem occurred in my childhood because I was hospitalized twice before the age of ten and my memories of those days remains bleak. Few visitors. Pale, sickly yellow walls. Unable to read. Could not keep food down. I thought something terrible was wrong with me during those hospitalizations. Like any child, I internalized feelings of self doubt and questioned my value.

In eighth grade, I was tired of feeling “not enough.” That was when I put my foot down and decided to make changes. I was sick of being held back and being afraid of new experiences. It was then that I realized the bomb ticking away.

Eureka! Right then I realized just how debilitating shying away from new experiences was.

I had to embrace new experiences, and during high school, I did just that. Yes, I was afraid. Yes, I made excuses. Then one day, I decided to say yes instead of I’ll see, maybe, or perhaps. This turned out to be a positive sign that I could change. 

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence primarily stem from the absence of new experiences. Our minds train us to be comfortable in most cases. It’s easier to live in the known than it is to live in the unknown, and that raises some obvious questions:

Combat Self-esteem Issues…

  1. Adjust your mindset and your thinking.
  2.  Be ready for new experiences.
  3. Develop awareness of your frame of mind

I assure you that one step at a time is all you need to manifest healthier self esteem. The first step is to Be Willing. The second step is to Say Yes. And you set your own comfortable pace.

The rule of thumb is this: You have far less to lose by trying new experiences than by missing out.

How can you change your perspective to give you the life you deserve?

Change Is Not Difficult

Starting off, you commit to the shift in perspective. Open-minded fits the bill here. Understanding the scientific psychology behind why you think and how you think changes mindset.

- Skip the guesswork from trying methods that work for some and not for others
- Eliminate the search for the supporting science, case studies, and plans.
- Learn an entire system or formula that’s suitable for your self-esteem plan

Get Started and Don’t Stress

After years of dealing with self-confidence issues myself in adolescence, I dedicated my time to finding a variable solution. I did research. I interviewed professionals, and I flipped my lack of self-esteem around entirely.

No matter who you are or what you do, this consistent system will work for you to improve self-esteem and give you the life you deserve.

Introducing…   Unlock Personal Esteem Course + Bonuses

This action packed self-esteem manual and course is 100% geared for you: easy to read, learning examples to try, and you can adapt the system to your needs and environment.

You will discover exactly how to shift your mind’s perspective. How phenomenal will you feel when you eliminate stressors, boost your esteem, and take your life in a new direction. Are you willing? Let’s do it! It is free. Dive In!


Unlock Personal Esteem

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