We designed ACPI courses?around the art and science of being human, sustaining connections, and values like love, kindness, and respect.


The content of the courses?includes core temperaments , child development,?positive psychology,?nurturing science, neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, and common sense.?Coaching which includes ethics, skills, and applications:

  1. Fulfilling the needs of the whole child
  2. Core temperaments of children
  3. Parenting temperaments types
  4. Coaching skills through case studies and practice
  5. Coach through temperament, heart wisdom, and values
  6. Values in Families
  7. Coaching Families
  8. Discipline in Families
  9. Nine Children?s Traits
  10. Coaching Adults

Your completion of the program?results in certification as a Certified Professional Coach for Parents (Families, Adults etc.) Or, some graduates prefer this designation: Certified Professional Parenting Coach. The designation itself?depends on?your?client focus, courses, specialty expertise, and experience.

Some examples of coaching titles include certified parenting coach, certified family coach, or parent-family coach. Certified temperament coach or profiler, with one additional course beyond the Parent-Family Coach Mastery sequence.

Steps to Personal Prosperity and Business Success

Our dozen+ years of experiences at ACPI?have shown that serving a broad audience does not succeed in this business. A more successful business happens as an expert who knows and helps their narrowly defined audience. By specifying a group (like parents) and then choosing a smaller subset?(like moms of preschoolers, single dads, co-parenting, parents of teens), you?ll learn quickly how parents appreciate that you understand them well and solve issues in coaching design for them.

Specialized Expertise in Business

Most coaches oriented to?people may not always be educated about setting up or running a home-based business or understand the financials efficiently. That?s why ACPI also offers you this effective answer:

  1. Business and Marketing?course is?taken privately online for better production and completion for you.

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