How many of us fail to listen to that tiny but mighty voice inside ourselves?

After a lousy night of interrupted sleep, the voice in the head appears. The voice becomes stronger or louder like the all-commanding mentor. For others of us, that inner voice becomes a critic that’s been muted for too long.

This murmuring voice has been with us all along. The voice believes its task is to guide us to make the proper decisions. However, we have become too jaded. We’ve tuned the voice out and forgotten. The silenced voice has been silent a long time. We can’t remember how familiar it used to be.

The intention of the voice is to help, but negative thoughts turn that voice into a critic. Imagine, each of us has a critic that nags and defends and even bullies on occasion. Your critic could be one of these four voices or even a combination of the views:

One who feels unappreciated.
One who is stubborn and stews in it
One who pushed harder and faster at you
One who wanders in mind to deter the conversation
One who worries and nitpicks.

This critic is the nagging voice that tells you how deficient, ugly, useless, tired, lackluster, sad, or ordinary you may be. The judging voice points out the obvious: How people dislike you. How pitiful your life unfolds. As you might start believing all of this, remember that when you feel drained of confidence and feel all your enthusiasm waning, the voice got you. “Got you! Ha Ha!” In the moment…

Self-esteem wanes.
Self-worth dissipates.
You are tired and irritated, to say the least.

You don’t want to listen.
Trickles of validity convince your brain that the voice is authentic.
Once you believe, you struggle to shrug off the sound bytes.

This inner critic, like the voice of goodness, lives in all of us and desires to conquer your being.

Your mindfulness could support you as stronger than the critic. Remain aware and refute the critic’s proof of being sloppy, late, or anything else it chooses to discuss. You can stop this process.

Your self-worth creates proof of your competence. Inner critic will provide evidence of how stupid you are. This inner critic will eat you up until it overpowers your sense of self.

Fear and anxiety are next to appear.

Of course, you are a valuable person. You have a strength of heart that allows you to care and have compassion. Your personality developed your talents as a goodness fit in this world.

You might prefer to feel safe since the voice materialized to keep you safe initially. However, you don;t need to be safe all the time. You will take risks. You will stick you neck out. Simply put, you accept risk as part of life. You don’t need protection or the inner critic.