Overview of ACPI’s Certified Coach Training

ACPI Offers 2 Certified Coach Training Paths 


Certified Coach Designations


certified coach trainingACPI Coach Training results in certification as a life coach for parents, families, and children. An ACPI Certified Parenting Coach or Consultant provides coaching  support for parents, families, and  their children.

Requirements: The privilege of supporting parents requires fulfilling certain standards of training. The coaching profession  is not licensed. ACPI’s coach training follows the standards of  the self-governed organizations like the International Coach Federation and the International Association of Coaches.


You will master through certified coach training…

  1. Nurturing the core nature of human beings
  2. Understanding the normal child development as opposed to miscommunications or behavioral issues.
  3. Applying the art & science of core temperaments strengths.
  4. Applying coaching ethics, skills, and philosophy.
  5. Creating a targeted marketing program for entrepreneurial business
  6. Establishing yourself as a certified coach expert in specialty niches of unique interest to the parenting market.

A certified coach’s depth experience at ACPI results in the entrepreneur designing their coaching practice and services, perfecting their skills and expertise, establishing their niche, and achieving exceptional growth through the business blueprint and marketing coaching. All of this is offered in the certified coach training, and the 2 paths are illustrated in the mind map.



coach training

Certified Coach or Consultant

These two required courses provide you with the foundation, leverage, and skills to not only coach parents in personal or parenting goals and in more effective strategies with children, but  also to plan and develop your coaching practice into a thriving business.


  1. parent-coachParent Coach Mastery is the required foundation course for everyone, and provides the coaching ethics, skills, and client engagement strategies.  The coaching skills are applicable to all ACPI coaches, whether you want to be a life coach, family coach, intuitive coach, parenting coach or develop expertise in a specialty niche, like divorce coaching.

2. . Business & Marketing for a coach is an entrepreneurial endeavor, and ACPI provides a complete solution to any worries about how to get started, be financially successful, manage social media, and develop your signature coaching program.



Become a Specialized Expert in Specific Niches 

The following 3 courses are taught through interactive webinars  and scheduled only once per year. 

coaching families3.  Certified Family Coach – The Family Coach supports and trains relationships among family members through emotional connection, communication skills,  and understanding the temperament and values of each person. Through respect and responsiveness, the coach supports families through transitions in identifying the needed skills, their emotional cues, and resources. The family activities like modeling values, developing a family crest, or playing communication games bring people together and start the coaching conversations. Evaluating and applying effective discipline techniques; consequences and restitution are included in the coaching tools. This training is a good fit for helping professionals and parents, who know their calling is to support families.e temperament and values of each person.


cover3d_1392060571 4.  Certified Special Needs Coach or Certified Coach for Behavioral Regulation – Develop new coaching insights into the culture and lifestyle of working with, living with, and raising a child with profound special needs and behavioral difficulties. The course instructor and best-selling author shares the personal eexperiences the joys, fears, and barriers families face with their disorganized and dysregulated children.

  • Coach and facilitate transformational change in the family through the power of secure relationships.
  • Understand the heart of the dysregulated child and the root cause of difficult behavior.
  • Apply the practical coaching solutions to help parents provide healing regulation to themselves and their children.
  • Leave this training with tested and valuable tools, and user-friendly resources that blend seamlessly into your work.
  • Coach clients to explore and discover their potential as the primary healing agents in their family.

raising_intuitive_children_cover5.  Certified Coach for Intuitive Parents & Children Of the four core temperaments, this one is the least understood by anyone who works with kids. Why? Because these kids are more likely to be labelled ADHD. They  move through their environment according to their rhythm, not the rhythm of their household or the classroom. If you want to work with these children with intuitive intelligence, then ACPI offers the best, top-rated program. Temperament is hereditary, and intuitive parents and children may have similar learning styles and patterns that clash. The kids  are right-brain learners stuck in left-brain classrooms. They are unique in their ability to phase in and out of different brain wave states. Depending upon your point of view, they could be distracted daydreamers, deep thinkers, or creative geniuses. 

6. Self-Paced Specialized Parenting Niches Include   – These three courses are always available.  You pace yourself in completing the work with Dr. Goode as your mentor and accountability coach.  In these courses you will develop your coaching tools and use those provided by ACPI to coach self-esteem, emotional intelligence, resilience, creativity and social skills according to the given age ranges or the circumstances of transitions.

  •  Coaching Divorce and Co-Parenting
  • Coaching Parents in The Early Years
  • Coaching Parents of School-Aged Children


For a successful coaching business, the foundation coaching course and the business course are required because your success is our success, and ACPI has amazing resources to support you in the membership section. Check it out. Each certified coach training is offered for licensed professionals seeking coaching credentials and for others in helping professions seeking a home-based business. Coaching parents and families could be a full-time or part-time endeavor.