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Taking the time to learn and understand temperament styles has been a game changer for me both personally and professionally.

Applying core temperament styles in my work has given me the ability to guide parents to take what I like to call a “no- blame,” proactive approach to communication and guiding children’s behavior.  My clients experience more A-HA moments once they understand their children’s core traits as well as their own.

Katy’s parents now see her behavior of dancing on the hearth of the fireplace for anyone that may be present as one of her core needs for creative expression as well as her need to be the center of attention. Katy is no longer punished for seemingly being disruptive and rude. Her parents are now able to train her strengths through dance and theater classes.

I thank the Academy and Dr Goode for providing me, and subsequently all of my clients, with such important and valuable information to help families understand one another and to create the connections that are so desperately needed.

Sharon Egan, M.S.. CPC

Counselor and Parenting Coach

My name is Todd Corbin and I am a certified parenting consultant, mindfulness instructor, and educational resource. I speak professionally to and coach students, teachers, and parents on ways of using life experience, emotional literacy, and perspective to positively transform present moment awareness. I was labeled learning disabled in first grade, and grew up with

The Academy for Coaching Parents certification program which I completed in the fall 2011 had a HUGE impact on my parent coaching business.   By selecting to focus on the special need’s niche, I was able get a clear focus on the business and marketing side. With Caron’s help, I gained a real detailed perspective of the dynamic of families of kids with special needs. ACPI’s program, like the discipline of mindfulness, allows one to develop an inner awareness of the possibilities and potentials that we all have.

Todd Corbin

Stress Expert, Certified Parenting Coach, and Mindfulness Teacher , In The Moment LLC