Become A Certified Coach Specializing in Core Temperaments and Personalities

A step-by-step protocol and program for coaching the temperament essentials to motivate + influence personality

WHO: Become the go-to-trainer, life coach, counselor or teacher in this innovative model of temperament essentials training.
  • Have you wondered why people in your life behave the way they do?
  • Do you question why they don’t act like you might expect? 
  • Do you wonder what makes people happy, behave badly, succeed or fail?
HOW? Help others discover how their core essentials influence their mindset, motivations, actions, results, and consequences.

As a Temperament Coach, you are motivated to help others understand, change and improve their attitudes and actions.  You would help support parents,  other adults, and teens in discovering their temperament traits to improve, grow, and be successful.

WHAT: Coach others in self-compassion skills, stretching beyond comfort zones, achieving excellence, and getting the best resolutions.

You have a unique interest in what motivates clients, how they behave and express  their innate genius. Most important is coaching or training others in how to regulate the temperament essentials like emotional intelligence, fears and needs, stress and anxiety patterns, values, and motivations.

Will you choose to have a visible, significant role and be paid well for your natural talents like empathy and listening?

ACPI wants to certify you as a life coach, consultant, or trainer in the


Core Temperament Essentials


The fundamental elements of character that drive your life.

The “first principles” that shape and motivate your qualities for success.







“This class was fun  and  informative. The HeartWise® coaching model was powerful. The business model and marketing information is the foundation and glue that makes this work for me. I am  so excited!”

Barbara  Borchardt, Ph.D.


“ACPI has offered me the opportunity to come into full bloom in an area I am passionate  about - parenting!”

Janine Affedlt


“This ACPI weekend, Take On The Role of a Lifetime, with its presenters, savvy participants and the coaching and marketing topics were  all phenomenal.”

Deborah Beasley


“This program is fabulous. Caron not only knows the information, but also truly lives it.  Minette  is  dynamic and  an excellent example of what marketing is supposed to be.”

Betsy Sullivan,  LPC,  NCC

Who Is A Temperament Coach?

A Temperament Coach has an interest in what motivates people and a commitment to clarify how they behave. The Coach identifies the Core Essentials which infuse thinking and motivate actions, then develops a plan with the clients(s) for  personal growth, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, work roles, or health arenas.

What Are The Trainer’s Roles?

Temperament Profilers’ roles include

  1. Assessing temperaments
  2. Completing character profiles for and with  clients.
  3. Provide education and training in temperament essentials and protocols for each essential.
  4. They also outline program goals with coaching or training clients.
What Does This Training Prioritize?

Most important is coaching or training others in how to regulate the temperament essentials like emotional intelligence, fears and needs, stress and anxiety patterns, values, and motivations.

What Resources Do You Offer to Coach In The Essentials Domain

The resources associated with this course include three Core Temperament Inventories and six guidebooks, one for each of the six core essentials. As you will see on this page, the course itself consists of ten presentations.

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 Core Temperament Essentials Training

Refining the details of your persona  for your pleasure, happiness, wealth, and serenity


Tuition is $400

For your learning, you will review 10 to 12 course presentations assignments.
For your tools, you will receive six  guidebooks, one for each of the six core temperament essentials.



 Children’s 9 Traits Course

This course is online at ACPI’s Educational Platform. Whether you completed the course in one sitting or over several weeks, you will have 2 conference calls with Dr Goode to discuss the content and use.

Assess a child’s temperaments on a standardized inventory. Coach parents in knowing children’s temperament traits directly or teach parents to do the assessment themselves and then coach for specific results based on traits. For example…

Can a shy child learn to be more social and less afraid?
Can a fussy baby learn self-soothing skills?
Can a parent discern an older child’s feeler-self versus the child’s thinker pattern?
How do parent-child attachment patterns affect a child’s temperament and behaviors?