Ten Points for Using Positive Self-Talk

Using Positive Self-Talk for The Best Results 


We grow as human beings. Our nature is to expand, learn, adapt and be positive. Practicing positive self-talk can help us set in motion the actions that will bring us greater rewards for learning and being positive, a nice cycle.


positive1.  Positive self-talk is related to factors associated with improved performance incoping skills, self-acceptance, and improved learning skills.

2. Emphasis on positive self-talk while performing a task enhances performance.

3. Using positive self-talk does intrinsically reinforce the user’s skills or practice.

4. Use emotional words that cause physical reactions in the body. Without the feeling, the words used in self-talk are not as effective.

5. When the mind is focused and kept busy, then the brain doesn’t focus on pain or fatigue. Positive self-talk focuses the mind.

6. Personal self-talk is a way to boost confidence, talk your way through fear, face a boring task or long meeting.

7. Importance self-talk reminds you that this is what you’ve worked for, your absolute best is required.

8. Confrontational self talk challenges you to measure up, be the best prepared to face the worst, be prepared and go for it.

9. Negative thoughts shift your endocrine system to focus on protection and limit your ability to think with wisdom or develop healthy thoughts. Positive Self-talk opens the space for new ideas and enthusiasm. No protection needed.

10. Learning to quiet negativity with positive self-talk is a great move toward setting and attaining future goals with ease.

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