The Academy for Coaching Parents International

      Sixteen years certifying professional consultants and coaches, who support parents, families, and children around the world.

Completing an ACPI’s online courses results in certifications as Certified Professional Parenting Coach, Certified Consultant, Professional Family Coach, or Certified Adult Temperament Coach.

Step to Successful Enrollment

Step One

Go to the top menu on this page and click Certification Courses. Preview the courses that interest you.

Step Two

Write down your questions.

Step Three

Go to the Drift app (bottom of page), type in your questions, and speak with Dr. Caron Goode.

ACPI accepts 5-7 new students each month in order to provide individual coaching or mentoring. Enroll now, and list your start date on the enrollment form.

NOTE: Payments start at the time of enrollment. You have one year to complete your certifiation courses from the date of your enrollment. In special circumstances, contact Dr. Goode for exceptions.


The?Academy for Coaching Parents International?training shows you how to position yourself as an authority with a professional certification in your specialty.

ACPI equips you with a valuable library of digital training materials for your business.

The academy is at the forefront of providing certification and coaching training to parents, individuals, companies, and schools.

ACPI?s Certified Parenting Coaches or Consultants serve families and organizations around the globe. They have access to continuing education through ACPI?s online global school. Contact us today to learn more about ACPI. ?Email: ?


Your successful completion of the training course results in awarding you the certificate in your coaching or consulting specialty.

Depending on your classes, you will receive resources like Inventories, Ebooks, Values cards, and Parenting Guides or workbooks. a plethora of digital materials that you can print and use with your clients.

Working from home requires you to be an organized business person, who is ready to earn a high income and provide value, information, and transformation for your clients.

The Business and Marketing Plan Course leads you through the steps.

Certified Parenting Coach

Parent Coaching certification is the foundation for your new home-based business. As a student, you complete online the sixteen lessons including parenting temperaments, coaching skills, ethics, and more.?

Certified Family Coach

A Certified Professional Family Coach supports communication like family meetings, parenting values, guiding discipline and reparations choices, and is experienced in parents with children of different ages.

Your Business Success and Marketing Plan Course

Once you’ve mastered the specialized expertise, you create a business plan specific to your business model and ideal client. The Business & Marketing course answers questions: How do I establish my business? How much should I charge for services? What will I offer and how will I do it? How can I reach my income goals? You leave the course with a specific plan.?

Rare Opportunity for Trainers

ACPI has a new, exciting opportunity!

ACPI has been training and certifying Professional Parent and Family Coaches for home-based businesses for sixteen years. The business growth now requires a ?different kind global outreach.

That is…..certifying qualified trainers within their countries, state or cities. Contact ACPI if you wish to purchase the license to offer ACPI in your city, state, province or country.

What Our Clients Say

I was looking into the Family Coaching certifications and programs, but I was not sure what I wanted to do with it. As I went through the family-coach program with masterful instructor Sharon Eagon, I was excited to move through each module, encouraged by how much I learned week after week, and inspired beyond expectation to start coaching families on my own. I?m thrilled to say that I?m now launching my own coaching practice and look forward to the countless ways I can help families in my area and around the country.

Sarah Snow

The Academy for Coaching Parents coach training certification program which I completed in fall 2011 had a HUGE impact on my parent coaching business.?? By selecting to focus on the special need?s niche, I was able get a clear focus on the business and marketing side. With Dr. Goode?s help, I gained a real detailed perspective of the dynamic of families of kids with special needs. ACPI?s?program, like the discipline of mindfulness, allows one to develop an inner awareness of the possibilities and potentials that we all have.

Todd Corbin

ACPI Certification Courses

ACPI’s logo is a registered trademark, verifying the authenticity of the range of courses which you use to develop expertise, income, a private business as you work from home… that offer a range of coaching sessions to moms, dads, individuals, and couples as added service aimed at contributing positivity to the society.
Under our extensive study over 2 to 5 months, you can become a parent, family, and/or an adult personality coach.
Our courses include:


Are the Programs a Good Fit for You?

We encourage you to be the helper or supporter you were born to be and still be able to work from home, set your schedule, and be there for your family. Yes, many ACPI trained coaches do just that!
If you are looking for?
A way to share your thoughts and innovations: the Academy helps you evolve by using your strengths.

A new career: ACPI offers you a new skill set?the coaching and the required strategy you need to hit the ground running as an expert and influencer. Our ACPI program offers you the flexibility to choose a full-time or part-time career.
A means to work with parents and families: ACPI is the best place for you to enroll in our courses and get your certificate upon completion.

Finding parenting hard: ACPI coaches have the experience you need, as they are also parents. We understand how you may get exhausted and frustrated, and you may not know what to say or what to do. Worry less as ACPI consultants and coaches will give you the family guidance and support you need.

Leads on how to work with families: are you a mom, dad or couple who want to reel in the amazing benefits of family coaching and education? Then ACPI will give you the support and education to interact with others and handle situations within the family effectively.

Why Choose ACPI for Training and Certification?

We take pride in our professional team and trainers. Our trainers are lovers of growth and development who are committed to help you become certified coaches.
Our detailed and in-depth learning ensures that ACPI certified coaches receive special skills for coaching or consulting.
Our training curriculum is updated regularly to maintain relevance with present-day situations.
We have consistently built our global reputation since 2004. What?s more?ACPI have provided the opportunity for 14 coaches to write and publish book chapters and entire books.

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