Parenting Vision, Values, and Applications

The purpose of this class is for you to coach or consult with a client about their values. People base their decisions and actions on what they value. People become upset when they have expectations or experiences that are not aligned with their values. The values approach could be to help parents define or redefine parenting values for

  1. The parenting relationship
  2. Raising children
  3. Setting family standards
  4. Making family agreements
  5. Achieve personal goals
  6. Family meetings


One:  You have several options to work with parents on values. Download each of these three Ebooks. Read through and interact with the first two Ebooks as if you were the client. Have the experience your client might have as they learn and work through the document pages. Send the completed document to your mentor

Two:  Download the complete package of the Parenting Values and Vision. Review the book pages. Watch the video. Then organize the materials and outline a class or course that you would teach using these materials. (If you want all Word or Pages documents, email and request the documents.





Download the Parent Values and Vision Package Here

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