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About The Academy for Coaching Parents

If you are new to the certified parent coach training or curious about what a certified life coach for parents and families can do, read more about the field here. The Academy for Coaching Parents developed research, assessments, and?courses that train you in evidence-?based strategies for parenting, child rearing, problem solving, connection and communication, with a foundation in core temperament styles, strengths and skills. You may enroll at any point in the year and payment plans are available.

Who is a Parenting Coach?

girl child in flowersA parenting coach?is a life coach or personal coach who specializes in parenting and children. When a parent, grandparent, caregiver or guardian needs help overcoming a challenge, learning a new skill, or imrpoving strengths, they now have the option of hiring a Certified Parenting Coach. Coaches for parents primarily function as mentors, who listen, clarify situations, identify problems, empower the client to brainstorm and problem-solve, or offers solutions. They also help parents regain a feeling of empowerment and increased confidence in their parenting skills. This, in turn, elevates the parent?s innate sense of nurturing and restores the joy many families lose during times of conflict.

Who Can Become a Certified Parent Coach?

People interested in becoming a life coach are from all walks of life, and their main desires are to make a difference or support others. people who want to make a difference for children and the future become certified parent-family coaches. One advantage of being in the coaching business is working from home and having the freedom, time, and energy to build income and interest. ACPI certified coaches are primarily women from helping professions who take the training to work with parenting and children.

What is ACPI?s parent coaching philosophy?

The ACPI programs for certified parent coach and family coaches are?based on the HeartWise? strategies, which supports whole child parenting and whole person coaching. ACPI believes in approaching each individual parent coaching situation from a holistic viewpoint, taking into account both the parent and the child?s physical, mental, emotional, developmental, and spiritual well-being. ACPI also believes in helping parents become more aware and caring people who support and nurture their children by building esteem, offering empowering messages, and helping them find their way to a happy successful adulthood. This is a strengths-based program.

How do I find parents to coach while I?m in the program?

You?ll be amazed at how many moms and dads ?in your circle of friends and neighbors struggle daily with parenting issues. They keep their struggles in secret, preferring not to show their weakness. As you discuss your new endeavor to become a certified parent coach, many will be open to your counseling as you practice your new skills and build your confidence. ACPI also provides marketing models that you can successfully duplicate in your community.

Parent-Family coaching is a compassionate, collaborative way to help parents identify priorities and make optimal choices for themselves and their children. A certified parent coach is a highly trained individual with an in-depth background of education and experiences. Their natural skills includes listening intently, asking key questions, and providing information. Training for coaching skills also includes challenging assumptions, and offers brainstorming and suggestion to help parents implement new attitudes and strategies.

How do parent coaches work?

Through the Business Blueprint and Marketing course, you will learn how to locate your clients, establish a financially successful coaching business, and choose three marketing activities that you do well.. In the United States and Canada, coaches meet their parents or families on the phne as well as in person. In International coaching circles, meeting face-to-face for coaching is preferred. A certified parent coach can choose a variety of ways to reach and find their clients, like through offering informational workshops or virtual seminars. Parenting groups and parenting meetings on Friday nights are popular when the commonalities include children with smilar ages or characteristics. Coaches can choose to work one-on-one with a parent, usually through weekly meetings and ?phone conversations for a minimum of three months. Par
ent-family Coaches develop and offer community parent education classes, speak at events, and work with high school youth leadership programs.

Why ACPI Training Programs over other coach training programs?

ACPI’s ?trainings and certification programs are uniquely focused on nurturing and recognizing the whole child and whole parent. Our instructors are working professionals, authors and speakers active in the fields of holistic health, child development, parenting special needs, and education. ACPI’s programs are continually updated based on evidence-based and practical solutions and problem-solving.

Another unique topic within ACPI’s training programs are core temperament traits and the effects of temperaments on how parent and children communicate and get along. Parenting styles are passe. However, parenting temperament styles are now understood and how we apply that knowledge for the benefit of rewarding and flexible parenting is what parent coaching is all about.

Why Parent Coaching? And Why Now?

Today, parents are busier than ever before. Long gone are the days when fathers were breadwinners, and mothers were caretakers for the children and the home. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women now account for nearly half of the labor force, and 71% of mothers with children under the age of eighteen work outside the home. Yet many women are reversing the trend and desire to stay home with their children, if possible, Usually, a second income is needed. In addition, recent statistics still show that the working mom still carries the load in the home as to chores and caretaking responsibilities.

This trend has created a new version of family life. Married, partnered, and single parents alike are running just as fast as they can to meet all their responsibilities. Thus parents often lack the focus to effectively deal with behavioral or developmental problems with their children. A parent coach acts as an objective mentor who provides encouragement, support, and potential solutions to best handle the everyday bumps and jolts of parenthood.

Why is life coaching for parents popular today?

  • It is convenient for time pressed parents.
  • It does not have the stigma many people attach to psychotherapy.
  • It is personal and tailored to individual situations.
  • It is private and discreet.
  • It allows parents to work through one problem, and then quit if they choose.
  • It is an upbeat and positive experience for parents.
  • It is an excellent career choice for parents.

Why become a Parent Coach?

People become parent coaches for many reasons, but they all have in common the desire to make a difference. Even though parent coaches mainly interact with adults, they have a keen interest, either professionally or personally, in promoting the welfare of children. Parent coaches come from all walks of life, including teachers, therapists, school counselors, and seasoned parents. For the child-based professional, becoming a parent coach is a way of expanding career options. For seasoned parents, it is an opportunity to do good work in a fulfilling field, without the time commitment and stress that often accompanies a traditional career.

Is ACPI accredited?

The coaching industry is an unregulated profession and there are no accrediting agencies for licensing any type of coaches in the?coaching industry. The International Coach Federation and the International Association of Coaches both have codes of ethics to which parent coaches adhere. ACPI classes follow the coaching competencies and suggestion design of coursework and professional competence. ACPI has been a member of the International Association of Coaches (IAC) and we suggest that graduating ACPI professional coaches also join for the benefits, including liability insurance and of belonging to a professional organization.

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