Become A Certified Parenting Consultant

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Regular Tuition of $1200

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Who Is a Consultant?

A parenting consultant is an expert who recognizes issues and responds to dilemmas by helping parents to address problems and narrate solutions with parents and/or family members.

This Training is The Solution

A certified parenting consultant provides advice, programs, or solutions for parents with questions, problems, or difficulties with children or other family members. Whereas, a parenting coach asks questions and guides self-discovery.

If you are new to consulting or you’re an experienced coach, then ACPI’s Consultant Training Program makes it easy for you to confidently consult with parents through deep conversation and meaningful breakthroughs. You’ll save time and get better results with your clients, enabling you to charge more once you learn the consulting method.

The Certified Parenting Consultant program  includes:

  • Parent Temperaments

  • Templates

  • Strategy

    Businesswoman certified parenting consultant

  • Mindset

  • Empowered Purpose

  • Breakthroughs

  • Planning Results

  • Checklists

  • Consultant Formula

You Complete These Eight Modules

Becoming a Consultant

Consultant vs. Coach

The Client Agreement

Financial Aspects of Consulting

Parenting Temperament Influence

Defining and Addressing the Problem

Mastering Communication

Income Streams

Resources and Materials