Parent Coach Training and Certification

 The Course Is The Required Foundation

For the Coach-Training Credentials 


Parent Coach Training certifies you in what a New York Times article called the profession of parent coaching:  “the newest self-help approach for over-stretched parents which is catching on fast for several reasons: the cost is reasonable; it can be done over the telephone and parents’ movement away from counselors and doctors.”

  1. Becoming a Certified Parent Coach is an apt career choice if you want to help people and make a significant difference.
  2. A certified parent coach or consultant is a trained and certified professional who empowers parents to meet their goals, communicate, resolve conflict, find solutions, or set personal goals.
  3. Parent Coaching helps parents clarify their parenting philosophy, goals, values, and their unique approach to nurturing their children.

In Certified Parent Coach training, the coaching practice involves refining your interpersonal skills like listening, reflecting, summarizing, asking powerful questions, goal setting, accountability, and modeling how to communicate and nourish connection.

“The organization of the coursework, the knowledge base of the instructors, and the professional presentation of the material for the Parent Coach Certification program by the Academy for Coaching Parents International surpassed all of my expectations and desires. I loved how I learned different ways to apply and integrate the information for my personal and spiritual growth as well as for being a confident, caring and knowledgeable parent coach. I highly recommend this program and the academy for anyone who wants to become an efficient parent coach, improve their parenting skills, or learn how to interact with children in more positive, supporting and loving ways.”


Premier Parent Coach Training

A certification from the Academy for Coaching Parents International is ideal for helping professionals with limited time to pursue another degree. You  have a strong desire to pursue this path.  This Parent Coach program is also a good fit for nurturers with natural talents like listening and offering support. This premier training provides practical, master’s level content that has a focus on temperament-based coaching and parenting. Practice in crucial parenting skills includes discipline, communication, enabling environments for parents and in families.


Course Modules and Materials

What Does This Course Provide?

  1. Develop the coaching skills you need to establish and maintain a coaching dialogue with your clients.
  2. Understand and apply the parenting temperament style assessment and interpretation.
  3. Through coaching, support parents to carry out changes, behaviors, goals, or initiatives.
  4. Ensure that you inspire action and empower clients to complete strategies.
  5. Celebrate successes, no matter how small, is one of the perks of an empowerment model like coaching.

Who should enroll in this training and certification?

Persons who have enrolled in this program are parents, grandparents, and helping professionals like nurses, retired doctors, healers, yoga instructors, teachers and educators, attorneys, nannies, life coaches, early childhood teachers, counselors, therapists, and others seeking a home-based business or coaching credentials because they are ready to leave the 9 to 5 type work settings.


Course Requirements

  • Review and complete each of the lessons which are now on line.
  • Attend and participate in calls with your mentor, as these are discussions and sharing in addition to presentations.
  • Complete assignments. You can expect one extra hour per week for an assignment which could be coaching practice, a case study, or profiling a parenting issue.



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