ACPI Parent Coach Mastery

ACPI Parent Coach Training certifies you in what a New York Times article called the profession of parent coaching. Think of “life coach for parents” and you recognize the tremendous value of one parent supporting another.

the newest self-help approach for over stretched parents which is catching on fast for several reasons: the cost is reasonable; it can be done over the telephone and parents’ movement away from counselors and doctors.”

Parent Coach training What Is Parent Coaching?

  • Parent coaching is an apt career choice if you want to help people and make a significant difference.
  • A parent coach is a trained and certified professional who empower parents to to meet their goals, help families adapt, communicate, resolve conflict and find solutions to parenting issues or setting personal goals.
  • Parent Coaching helps parents become clear on their  parenting philosophy, goals, values, and their unique approach to nurturing their children.
  • In parent coach training, the coaching involves refining your interpersonal skills like listening, reflecting, summarizing, asking powerful questions, goal setting, accountability, and modeling how to communicate and nourish connection.

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Parent coach trainingThis Parent Coach Training Mastery is required by anyone seeking ACPI coaching certification because it trains you in coaching  ethics, philosophy, skills and practice, as well as how to be present and engage with your clients. These coaching skills are the backbone of your business as well as the foundation for the other coaching certification courses, which apply these basics to the niche of your passion or purpose. You could enroll in the parent coach training  first. Or you could enter any time during the calendar year to take family coaching, coaching special needs and behavioral issues or any specialty course and then take this course. Each niche coaching course is complete by itself and offers certification of completion, and also offers the certified coach designation when paired with Parenting Coach Training Mastery.

Parent Coach Training Mastery Outline

Module 1 – Introduction to Coaching

1. You will understand the most recent definitions of coaching mastery, history, philosophy, the distinctions between therapy and coaching, and reviews the ICF coaching training ethics.

Module 2 – The Business & Process of Coaching Your Client

You’ll define necessary elements for the first coaching conversation, introduce  the basic coaching model to a friend.You will understand how coaching is a collaboration and design an initial interview script to respond to a new client. You’ll review the necessary Coaching Agreement and intake packet, then design yours, and practice the first intake client session.

Module 3 – Coaching Core Temperaments

You’ll take the core temperament assessment and explain the value in self awareness,

You’ll review the science of the 4 core temperaments and relate the value of  and effectiveness in meeting your client where they are.

You’ll describe the key to success in coaching mastery is to focus on core strengths to empower the coaching client to make good decisions, take decisive actions, and to achieve and assess their goals.

Module 4 – Coaching Skills & Application 1

You’ll establish the relationship with the client through appropriate temperament recognition, presence, and engagement.You’ll compare the parenting temperaments in one case study and determine how each parent might relate to the child and determine where parents and kids might clash and reconnectYou’ll practice the coaching skills of asking questions, reflection, and reframing to demonstrate coaching proficiency.

Module 5 – Coaching Skills & Application 2

You’ll use intuition and practice in listening on three levels, reflecting the concerns by temperament, the values to be considered in making a decision and coach a client’s decisions or goals.

Module 6 – Coaching Skills & Application 3

You demonstrate skill practice in direct communication through mapping communication as well as stress patterns for coaching in Case Study 2 family. You’ll explain mapping, the results, use inquiry and design the goals and action steps with client.

Module 7 – Coaching Training Labs

Coaching a client with initial interviews of client and then engaging a partner or family member to determine goal, plan, communication skills training, and follow-up. Coaching Labs are a consistent focus on role-play and the coaching process based on the ICF designated skills and tools taught in previous week

’s classes. Each student is expected to serve as coach and client in the coaching training.

Beneficial Results

  • You’ll walk away with inspiration to become a better person, to master coaching training skills, and step up your coaching character to the next level.
  • You’ll understand and apply coaching training skills authentically as you discover your approach and discern the essential characteristics that make you most effective through engagement.
  • You’ll complete this Course with practical, actionable steps you can implement immediately through peer coaching, your business, or in families.



“The organization of the coursework, the knowledge base of the instructors, and the professional presentation of the material for the Parent Coach Certification program by the Academy for Coaching Parents International surpassed all of my expectations and desires. I loved how I learned different ways to apply and integrate the information for my personal and spiritual growth as well as for being a confident, caring and knowledgeable parent coach. I highly recommend this program and the academy for anyone who wants to become an efficient parent coach, improve their parenting skills, or learn how to interact with children in more positive, supporting and loving ways.” - Sandra Couts

“I was extremely pleased with the quality of instruction I received at ACPI. All of the instructors had experience in the subject they were instructing and really knew how to present the material. I was also pleasantly surprised with the availability of the instructors and Carol Goode. Whenever I had a question or a comment they got back to me immediately. I feel very well prepared to coach parents and now know the resources out there where I can turn for more help. I would definitely recommend this program to any one wishing to get certified in parent coaching.” - Endye Hoffman

“This program is fabulous. Caron not only knows the information, but also truly lives it. Minette is dynamic and an excellent example of what marketing is supposed to be.” Betsy Sullivan

“ACPI’s Parent Coaching Course has been invaluable. Not only did teach me the skills needed to coach parents, it was also extremely helpful with increasing my parenting skills during a difficult time with my family. The insights gained from the instructors as well as, the supportive and wise classmates, made this unique experience very rewarding.” - Joan Neuville

About the ACPI Parent Coach Training Program

Essential aspects of coach training include

  1. Nurturing the core nature of human beings
  2. Understanding the normal child development as opposed to miscommunications or behavioral issues.
  3. Applying the art & science of core temperaments strengths.
  4. Applying coaching ethics, skills, and philosophy.
  5. Creating a targeted marketing program for entrepreneurial business
  6. Establishing yourself as an expert in specialty niches of unique interest to the parenting market.
  7. Helping today’s children thrive consciously and masterfully.

A coach’s depth experience at ACPI parent coach training results in the entrepreneur designing their coaching practice and services, perfecting their skills and expertise, establishing their niche, and achieving exceptional growth through the business and blueprint and marketing blueprints.