The Academy Offers International Coach Training Programs Supporting Adults, Parents, Families and Children

+ Turn your interpersonal skills into greater income and opportunity through coach training credentials.

+ As a natural nurturer, you should be acknowledged as the expert mentor and coach in your field.

Why? Because…people need you.

Parents need your support. Businesses need your services.

They need listeners to hear their stories.

They need supporters who understand their needs and temperament.

They need your practical honesty, empathy, and genuine feedback.

They need advocates who can build a solid foundation of trust and model the way to achieve effective rapport.

So are you the rock star of nurturers?

These coach-trainings are for you.

If you’re not there yet, review carefull  how your customers see you.

 Here’s Why?

You bring genuine heart and honesty to solutions.

We’re inviting you to live your legacy….your influence that helps people change and grow.

  • You know people better than most.
  • Others appreciate your warmth and heart that make you influential.
  • You’ve invested in your professional development.
  • You “get” where coaching soars in the future, and it is the “heart” path for you.

ACPI Accepts Enrollment Throughout the Year.

You Can Join Now and Take One Year To Complete Your Certification or Be Finished within Three Months with Online Courses for Self-PacedConvenience.

ACPI course

Certified Parent Coaching Training-Single Certification

Price: $1,400 

Required foundation for coaching skills

ACPI course

Certified Family Coaching Training

Price: $700

Focuses on coaching the family unit and family members

Dual-Certifications-Certified Parent-Family Coaching

Price: $1950 - save $300

Prepares you for working for all family members.



ACPI course

Business-Marketing Training Course

Price: $600 

Required Course if you have never managed a home-based business.

Parent-Family Coach Program

1. Temperaments

  • Take Parenting Temperament Inventory (online)
  • Take General Temperament Inventory (online)
  • Take Nine Temperament Traits Brief Course online

2. Coaching Intro

  • What Is Coaching (1)
  • The Business of Coaching a Clients (2)
  • Temperaments – Coaching Skills Practice
  • Interpret and Use The Parent Temperament Traits–Affect, Interactions, Accommodations (4)

3.  Coaching Families

  • Develop the coaching skills you need with your clients.
  • Understand and apply the parenting temperament style assessment.
  • Through coaching, support parents and families to carry out changes, behaviors, goals, or initiatives.
  • Inspire action and empower strategies.
  • Celebrate successes, no matter how small.

4. Introduction to Parenting the The Whole Child (2)

5. How to Coach Whole Child & Whole Parent - How adults recognize and respond to children’s needs based upon a HeartWise Nurture model with neuroscience. The same principles can be applied to parenting partnerships and in any relationships.

6. Certification – Completion of these modules results in Certified Parent-Family Coach/Consultant credentials. The program is required for those who seek coaching skills, coaching credentials, or any level of ACPI coaching certifications.

coach trainings

Business and Marketing

Module 1: Overview

Module 2: Clients and Customers

Module 3: Coaching Packages and Services

Module 4: Marketing Mindset and Message

Module 5: Three Practical Tools

Module 6: Marketing Strategies

Module 7: Financial Plan on Purpose



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