The Academy for Coaching Parents International now offers

Coaching Adult Temperament & Personality Certification Course


The normal tuition is half-priced at $600 until June 2, 2018,

after which enrollment closes.


1. On June 15, the course will be available online for all registrants. A weekly mentoring session is offered.

2. In the interim, ACPI will send you at intervals each Ebook shown below so you can read and have the background materials and understanding of the temperament-personality factors and influences on choices and life events.

3. ACPI makes the offer for those truly interested change-agents because ACPI requests feedback as part of increasing value in self-improvement, personal growth, work-from-home, and coaching-consulting niches.

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As a specialist, consultant, or coach for adults, you can teach clients how their core essentials influence their thinking, choices, and behaviors. You coach or teach new responses when teens or adults need help to be happier, calmer and are willing to be in charge of their actions. These result from coaching the adult temperament.



If you are a rising star who feels called to this work, ACPI will consider your application to license this course and materials to teach, coach, or use with clients in your business or work. First,  you are required to complete the course successfully.

WHO?  You become the go-to-trainer and expert of adult temperament essentials training.
HOW?  You learn through the certification course and provided inventories how to teach others to discover their core essentials. You teach and coach how to change and influence



WHAT?  You motivate clients to express their innate genius and train to regulate the temperament essentials like emotions fears and needs, stress and anxiety, values, and motivations.

Can you see yourself as the successful coach or consultant receiving what you are worth?

Imagine your confidence when you have all of the following ready-to-go-content available for your business success.

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Questions and Answers

Who Is A Temperament Coach?

A Temperament Coach has an interest in what motivates people and a commitment to clarify how they behave. The Coach identifies the Core Essentials which infuse thinking and motivate actions, then develops a plan with the clients(s) for  personal growth, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, work roles, or health arenas.

What Are The Trainer’s Roles?

Temperament Profilers’ roles include

  1. Assessing temperaments
  2. Completing character profiles for and with  clients.
  3. Provide education and training in temperament essentials and protocols for each essential.
  4. They also outline program goals with coaching or training clients.

What Does This Training Prioritize?

Most important is coaching or training others in how to regulate the temperament essentials like emotional intelligence, fears and needs, stress and anxiety patterns, values, and motivations.

What Resources Do You Offer to Coach In The Essentials Domain

The resources associated with this course include three Core Temperament Inventories and six guidebooks, one for each of the six core essentials. As you will see on this page, the course itself consists of ten presentations.