Help Parents Master Authentic Intuition

And Unlock Their Ultimate, Inborn Parenting Style

Coach Parents To Feel Confident and Positive By Tapping

Into Their Intuitive Intelligence


Easily?coach clients?to use and trust their intuition.

Empower intuitive parents to balance intuition with logic.

Help the sensitive, empathic, and intuitive children with strategies to regulate moods, emotions, and?behavior.


Coach parents to feel more confident and trusting of their intuitive intelligence.


A parent’s natural knowing evolves by enjoying play activities with their children.


Teach parents how to avoid anxiety by responding to their intuition.

“I had a great experience with the program.?Thank you for sharing your great experience and knowledge and for your wonderful support. I love your individual approach and respect for our differences in our learning. It makes me comfortable and it is motivating.”

Veronique Frede-Markscheid

Certified Parent Coach

Coaching Intuitive Parents & Children

Transformational, step-by-step coach training with Dr. Goode in the program via webinar conferences over a 7-week period.


Identify the core temperament associated with labels like ADHD.

Coach parents to easily access and trust their intuition.

Identify and coach each of the 5 types of intuitive intelligence

Practice and use self-awareness and intuition in .

Coach the “feeling” nature of intuitive intelligence

Coach parents and children how to deal with overwhelm or distress.

Learn the strategies to create and price your own empowerment program.

?Is This Program Right For You?


1. You want the remarkable presentations and content to attract new clients right away.

2. You refine your intuitive skills and developing your expertise.

3. You coach parents to trust their natural instinct and have less anxiety.

4. You’d enjoy new income streams to expand your programs.

5. You are excited about being paid to help clients?recognize and utilize their strengths.

6. You like personal mentoring?and?and to be clear about your business goals.

You Can Enroll At One Or Both Levels

  1. Certified Coach: If you take the modules listed above and complete the course lesson, readings, and activities, you receive certification of completion as a Certified Coach for Intuitive Parents and Children. The variation of the title on the certificate depends on your role?and preference for your coaching business. The ACPI- 7 Coach Agreement?

2. Licensed Trainer: The popularity of this specific course has led several coaches to ask about teaching it to their parents or groups. This occurs through a licensing agreement which provides you the rights to use the materials and teach it as an ACPI Trainer.?

?Dr. Caron Goode,?ACPI Founder

Hi – I hope you will join me for my favorite training. I love this topic, share generously, and want you to have the benefit of my experience. I was listening to a marketing podcast last week and the coach stated that achievement and goals were the way all coaches should coach so their clients succeed. Big sigh…..goals and achievement work, but some of us coaches achieve through the use of intuitive intelligence, forward seeing, and common sense. We have goals, but life is not a race to intuitive nurturers.

How do you learn? ?Have you been intuitive all of your life? Were you experiences positive or scary? What questions can I answer for you? Email me now at

BIO: After receiving her doctorate in Counseling Psychology, Dr. Goode provided counseling and psychotherapy in pediatrics, parents and families, and in women?s health. She moved into the coaching domain in 2001 and founded the Academy for Coaching Parents International in 2003.?Dr. Goode is a prolific, published author of 32 nonfiction (print & digital) books with five publishers. Her co-authored book Raising Intuitive Children won the USA National Book Award in the parenting category.

Academy for coaching parents.Praise for Raising Intuitive Children

“A must read for all parents as all children are inherently intuitive.” ?

~Sonia Choquette, author of ?The Intuitive Spark

“Raising Intuitive Children gives parents excellent explanations with true-life stories that first brings normalcy to what has previously been viewed as a phenomenon, and then provides a terrific skill set for parents and caregivers alike.” ?

~Meg Blackburn, PhD,?author of The Children of Now

“An informed and thoughtful approach to parenting of intuitively aware, energetically

sensitive children in an ever-changing world.” ~Maria Housden, author of Hannah’s Gift and Unraveled

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