Develop Healthier Esteem and Be Your Happiest!


You love and nurture your children. Do you also cultivate and love yourself?

When a crisis occurs with children, you may drop everything, forget yourself, and provide immediate, unconditional support.

You give your time and resources to restore children’s well-being.

Never lose sight, though, of your own need as a supportive, affectionate parent.

The foundation of self-esteem for you and our children is knowing your temperament, emotional reaction patterns, and how resilient you become.


certified parent-family coach

Table of Contents

Parent Self Esteem Is Important
Self Esteem Tasks for Children
Early childhood: Ages birth - 6
Middle childhood: Ages 7-12
Adolescence: Ages 13-18

Developmental Pressures on Parents’ Self-Esteem
Early Childhood
Middle Childhood
Parent Self-Esteem
Coaching Parents in Self-Esteem
How Can You Realize Parent Self-Esteem
Coaching Parents in Self-Esteem

Do You Have Low Self-Esteem?
So How do You Build Self-Esteem?
Developing Self-Esteem During Childhood
Self Image
Snapshot Moments of Your Parenting
Parents are Powerful Models
Dynamics of Building Self-Esteem in Children
Parenting Conversations



This E-book outlines the developmental tasks related to self-esteem that face young children, grade schoolers, and adolescents, as well as the special pressures parents may face with each of these age groups.

Key issues underlying parents’ self-esteem also will be summarized. The charts that follow summarize the key concepts that relate to parent self- esteem. This approach to self-esteem is based on the four key concepts identified in *I’m Positive: Growing Up With Self-Esteem.*

I am a Person.       I am a Dreamer.       I am a Champion.       I am a Friend.       *[Extension Publication S-31]: