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“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”  

~ Richard Bach~


Family Coaching Training prepares a life coach, parenting coach or a family coach to deal with  commonplace problems within families that may require conversations around respect and reparation. Being respectful in families could look like setting boundaries, defining expectations, establishing consequences, explaining, compromising, or resolving.Coaching conversations within families and coaching evolve around:


Understanding - empathy for and awareness of a situation or issue
Compromise - compromise is a concept of finding agreement through communication,
Order - establishing an agreement or arrangement of mutual agreement
Respect - positive regard for the person, situation, or agreement

A family coach or parenting coach recognizes commonplace problems as well as age-related adjustments as toddlers growing into teens.

Being respectful in families could look like setting boundaries, defining expectations, establishing consequences, explaining, compromising, resolving.

A life coach, parenting coach or a family coach is likely to encounter commonplace problems within families that may require conversations around respect and reparation.

The key is creating positive and healthy connections and managing family dynamics around attitudes, actions requiring reparation, work-life balance. time, behaviors, bad habits, or arguments.

Coaching conversations within families evolve around understanding, compromise, order, respect, boundaries, and connections.

Modules 1

Introduction to Family Coach Certification

Modules 2

Coaching Families in Communication and Connection

Modules 3

Supporting Family Culture- Roles, Values, Mission Statements

Modules 4

Coaching Family Stressors and Transitions

Modules 5

Proactive Discipline- Process and Decisions

Modules 6

Discipline, Consequences and Restitution

Sharon Egan Approaches Family Coaching …

As an exciting opportunity to guide families in building strong, healthy and happy relationships so all members are able to grow together and thrive emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. A Family Coach will often wear varied  hats in supporting the families they work with including:

  • Coach Empowerment expert
  • Consultant
  • Educator
  • Mentor

A Family Coach will guide families in areas such as:

  • Creating an awareness and understanding of each family member’s core temperament style especially in relationship to needs, behavior patterns, and forward movement for change
  • Providing each family member a voice; a platform to be heard
  • Effective communication and Listening skills
  • Connection
  • Roles, Values and Expectations
  • Positive and healthy approaches to discipline

Sharon Egan

Sharon Egan is an ACPI Trainer for the Family Coaching Training and Certification. Her private coaching  practice is called Parenting for Happy Families, and she offers 1:1 parent coaching, in home family coaching, group classes through schools, religious communities and organizations, as well as continuing education for teachers.

A Family Coach takes a no-blame, no judgment approach in supporting families for change.


A Family Coach is inspiring, encouraging and uplifting.

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