Free Courses




The six courses below consist of sequenced articles that provide instruction for business and online topics. The course title is listed on the left. On the right, you can click the article title and open to the content. The articles in one course are sequenced steps for you to complete the course.

Entrepreneur Essentials Course

Free Course on Entrepreneur’s Business Model and Mindset




4. Entrepreneur’s Time Versus Energy Flow






Successful Online Business

Free Course about What You Want to Learn About A Business Online






[block]13[/block]6. Coaching Online–Attracting Clients



Parent Coaching Information

The information in this dree courses covers the overview of becoming a Parent Coach.






[block]21[/block]6. Is Parent Coaching the Right Self-Employment Option For You?




Sales Funnels Course

The Best Information About Using Sales Funnel



[block]27[/block]3. Course: Sales Funnels Components 3 for Coaches

[block]28[/block]4. Course: Sales Funnel For Coaching 4-Three Pages

[block]29[/block]5. Course: Sales Funnel 5-Best Opt-in Solutions




Formulate Your Coaching Procedures


[block]32[/block]1. Free Course-Step-One-How to Formulate Your Coaching Procedures

[block]33[/block]2. Free Course–Step Two–Establish Outcome for Client Problem

3. Free Course–Step Three–Your Coaching Action Plan

4. Free Course–Step Four–Your Coaching Tools

5. Free Course–Step Five–Your 1:1 Coaching Package

[block]37[/block]6. Free Course–Step Six–Determining Your Price

7. Free Course–Step Seven–Setting Boundaries


Ideal Clients Tools

Why You Ideal Client Personae Defines Your Marketing Planning


[block]40[/block]2. Tool–Defining Your Ideal Client 1

3. Tool– Ideal Client Profile 2

4. Tool-Ideal Coaching Clients 3 Checklist