Create Your HeartWise® Vision Board


About Your Client and Signature Product, and  Coaching Business

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HeartWise Vision Boards

Vision boards are based on the the law of energy attraction, which indicates that what you focus on over time tends to manifest. Since your eyes and brain quickly process visual information, a board for visualizing captures several images and also makes whole your concepts for your clients or your product. WIhatever type of energy you emit will likewise be the type you receive.

How Does It Work?

People think in images, not sentences. Brain studies have shown that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions. Mental imagery influences thinking processes in the brain: motor control, attention, perception, planning, and memory. So visualization trains the brain for an actual performance and actions.  To train your brain for success, use imagery for that purpose.


What Are The Action Steps?

  1. Create your mindset.
  2. Focus on receive & believe.
  3. Write purpose.
  4. Write 3-5 positive emotions about the purpose.
  5. Find images of emotion & purpose.
  6. Create mental layout of the board.
  7. Complete layout with images and words.
  8. Test it for several days and see how it feels.

Focusing Questions For Your Coaching Business

Write Down Answers For Each Question Moving To Final Goals

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