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Do you want explore becoming a certified coach for parents and families?

ACPI offers you the opportunity to follow your heart and make a profound difference in the lives of children and parents. As a Certified Coach who successfully completes the training courses, you have the credentials and resources to work from home and establish a coaching business.. Your choices for ACPI certification are…

Certified Parent Coach (Single Certification)

Certified Family Coach (Single Certification)

Certified Parent-Family-Life Coach (Dual Certification)

Certified Temperament Coach for Parents and Children (Dual Certification)

How does becoming a certified coach work?

You choose the single or dual certifications  in which you want to be certified. 

Your pay for the courses for your certifications. 

You receive the Welcome Packet which presents the overview and access to your courses.

A course may have five classes or seventeen classes, and you learn by completing one online class per week, participate in weekly group calls,  and give your course trainer the homework for review to  insure you develop or have the skills you desire for this program. 

What are the results of the certification courses?

Your results of successful completion of the training is the awarding of the certificate in your coaching specialty or specialized expertise. Depending upon your courses, you will receive resources like Inventories, Ebooks, Values cards, and Workbook and Parenting Guides. 

The Academy for Coaching Parents certification program which I completed in the fall 2011 had a HUGE impact on my parent coaching business.   By selecting to focus on the special need’s niche, I was able get a clear focus on the business and marketing side. With Caron’s help, I gained a real detailed perspective of the dynamic of families of kids with special needs. Caron’s program, like the discipline of mindfulness, allows one to develop an inner awareness of the possibilities and potentials that we all have.

Todd Corbin

Consultant, In The Moment LLC


Dr. Caron Goode and Dr. Tom Goode

Tom and Caron have been helping professionals since the late 1980s. Tom is the cofounder of the International Breath Institute which focuses on Health  Happiness, and Wealth. He teaches global trainers the foundations of Full-Wave Breathing, the foremost single important exercise at the foundation of your energy and attitudes. Dr. Goode is the author of the acclaimed Breathe & Grow Rich book series and the Cosmic Waltz musical series for breathing, relaxation and harmony within mind and body. Dr. Caron Goode has moved from a special education teacher to a diagnostician and then with her doctorate degree in counseling to a private practice.



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