Working With Special Needs

Since 2008, I have worked with adoptive and biological families with children whose challenges include almost every aspect of atypical and difficult behavior. Or the children may present with a mindboggling array of particular and unique needs. In my decades of working with parents and families, I observed the parents who desire to raise these children encounter the same issues I had with my foster-adopted daughter. They often do not know how to begin to meet the demands required for their special needs and disabilities.


The mission in presenting this training on behavior regulation is to help you develop new insights into the culture and lifestyle of working with, living with, and raising a child with profound special needs and behavioral difficulties. @parent_coach

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This training is your introduction to the joys, concerns, fears, and barriers families face with their disorganized and dysregulated children. I teach how you can facilitate transformational change in the family dynamic through the power of secure relationships.


coaching special needs

Deborah Beasley


Coaches leave this training with tested and valuable tools, and user-friendly resources that blend seamlessly into the work they do with families. Moreover, the tools assist coaches and excite clients to explore and discover their potential as the primary healing agents in their family.

I speak confidently about children with special needs and behavioral disorders, because I have three children with special needs, each one uniquely different in how they interact with and are affected by the world around them.

I have been married for 31 years. I have a large blended family with 2 stepchildren, 3 biological children, and 2 adopted children. I am Caucasian and my adopted daughters are African American. The five older kids are married and we have 9 grandchildren.

Part of what I bring to this course, is equal to a generational life span of experience with a child diagnosed with ADD, and learning disabilities, who is now an adult.

Our youngest daughter endures her own story of trauma and medical complications, and suffers the side effects of growing up with an older sister with complex emotional issues from early trauma.

Yet, the fuel that fires my passion to support you and the parents you work with comes particularly from the intense and life-altering experiences with my older adopted daughter.

Learn more about this certification of coaching families with special needs and how it has helped a lot of families out there. 

coaching families with special needs