A New Evergreen Certification Course for Helping Professionals, Coaches, Consultants, and Influencers.


This new program is provided by Dr. Caron Goode and ACPI

officially opens on November 15, 2019.







Your New Training Program

Emotional Intelligence Expertise can be your personal and business training program. Completing the course certifies you as an Emotional Intelligence Coach. You could also purchase the licensing rights to deliver this program.

Emotional Management refers to your ability to express yourself appropriately and effectively.

This program shows how you can assist others, who suffer from anxiety, feel distraught, or need to manage feelings like overwhelm, anger, grief, or sadness. 

 The goals include managing stressors, reactions, and staying balanced.

 The result include how to develop actionable steps toward happiness and well-being.

I am Dr. Caron Goode, an award winning author and founder of…




After writing over 3 dozen successful books on parenting, coaching, health, emotions, self-improvement and business, I am  excited to offer this brand new course that combines mindset, awareness, and protocols for emotional skills trainings

Use the workbooks, presentations, and other tools to teach, support, coach, or consult others in emotional well-being and happiness

Emotional Intelligence Expertise

You Become the Expert

+ This training certifies you as a professional Emotional Intelligence Expert.

+ You receive tools to  empower clients to recognize, affirm and practice positive emotions and mindset.

+ Clients learn to accept and manage their emotional states through the tools and training you provide.



Help Others Develop Skill Sets


+ Become more aware of emotions and their affect.
+ Own emotional responses through honest self-awareness.
+ Understand how emotion sets off chain reactions.
+ Take charge and manage out-of-control behavior
+ Learn how to have empathy.

Course Resources and Materials

Are included in course tuition.

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Emotional Intelligence Expert Training

Emotional Intelligence Expert Training