THE goal of section three is to leverage your values into hands-on business objectives which are highly relevant and actionable. You might start taking action now or you might wait until after taking the Parent-Family Coach Training.

What Is A Manifesto Vision Board?

  • Your manifesto is a public declaration and visual portrait of your passionate purpose and how you live your calling, Your values and intuition are talents that help make you an authority in what you offer your coaching clients. What values, authority, ideas or inspiration you bring are part of your manifesto. Some coaches have created a manifesto of their values and ideals as a coach.
  • The Manifesto Vision Board starts the planning process for what you are creating and for your ideal client.. You could include how they benefit from their work with you. You could include how you and/or the product solved their problems, or how clients are supported and helped.
  • The Manifesto Vision Board represents the map of the tangible, touchable, inspiring ideals, process, products, and results. The values, and the kind of coaching, teaching, or healing you could offer are tangible and real, and the Manifesto Vision Board represents the map of the tangible, touchable, inspiring ideals, process, products, and or result

Get Creative And View These Manifestos and Vision Board Resources

View this link for a moment: – see how she has designed manifestos for personal excellence and sells them as part of her work. For a vision board, I might choose four of these manifestos as part of a coaching course and I would put them of a Manifesto Vision Board called Personal Excellence Course Topics. – software using images to help create a vision board. Another way to use this type of software is to lay the vision board out in a story format.

For Values and Goals

If you know the types of services you want to offer, or you want to learn about your client’s need first, a vision board is a tool used to clarify your values and business focus. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images, words, or other representation of your values and goals.

In this section, you can create a manifesto or a vision board or combine them in one dynamic depiction of what you are aiming to be or to do.

In fact, a manifesto allows you much room to be creative with images, words, and certainly what your heart wants accomplish in business and with clients. The manifesto above combines values (inspire, mindfulness) into action statements of “I will.” What values do you bring to your business? How are your values actionable?