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Strengthen Your Emotional Resilience and Bounce Back

Emotional resilienceenables you to bounce back after difficult experiences. Fortunately, this is a skill that you can develop to get through stressful times with greater ease. Here are some of the benefits of becoming more emotionally resilient and a few strategies...

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Use Creative Visualization for Success

Do you know that the tool--creative visualization-- allows for manifestation? Using viewing, as it is intended, changes your circumstances and sometimes your entire life. Concentrating and focusing on a particular outcome can, indeed, make it happen because I have...

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Life Purpose- Find It and Live it

If you feel like something in miising in life, you are not alone. I felt that way until 2000 when I died in the hospital after receiving an overdose of pain medication the doctor administered.. The brief death was a sacred experience.  Moreover, returning to life...

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Money Ceiling – How Do You Limit Money Potential?

Some people attract money. Others can't hold on to it. Still, others seem to have a money ceiling, especially people in helping professions. Are you willing to stop how you limit money potential? Discover more... "People perceive, value and treat money differently. ...

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Discover Your Life Purpose

 You are motivated to accomplish tasks and achieve! How do these accomplishments help you find your purpose in life? Is there a benefit to finding that one true purpose? What is your purpose? What Is Purpose? Do you define the purpose of your life as something that...

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Get Real! Is Money Your Blind Spot?

 Are you the type of personality who admits that you might have a blind spot when it comes to money?  Don't ignore this topic, as it could could cost you clients and more income! Bias or blind spots prevent you from seeing income issues clearly, so your potentially...

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Mindset Matters 2 – Control Mindset and Emotions

Mindset is about how you think and use your mental focus. The term emotions refer to your feelings, and each affects the other. -Emotion intertwines with mood, temperament, personality, disposition, and motivation. Emotions and Strength Want strength, then rile up...

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Your Coaching Mindset Matters Series

What makes coaches so credible with clients and successful in business? Charisma, experience, and expertise are at the top of the list. However, the one attribute which is critical to personal relationships and professional success is mindset.   MINDSET: the...

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