Certified Parent Coach Training Overview


“Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.”

Matthew Jacobson

A New York Times article called the profession of parent coaching, “The newest self-help approach for over-stretched parents…


Inspire Parents as a Certified Professional

Consultant or Coach

Support parents’ beliefs in themselves and their children!

Consult with parents to clarify their values, temperament, and parenting styles.

Empower parents to meet their goals, resolve conflict, find solutions, and transform personally.

Magic Happens in the Mastery Training!

This Parent Coach Mastery Training is online.
It takes 16 weeks to complete one class and assignment per week.
You have weekly, personal support from your mentor.
The training results in certification as a Certified Parent Coach or Consultant.
  • You enroll in parent coach training. 
  • You receive access to the online portal of classes.
  • Each lesson has an assignment to complete to meet the course requirements.
  • Consult weekly with your mentor for your personal support. 

My name is Todd Corbin and I am a certified parenting consultant, mindfulness instructor, and educational resource. I speak professionally to and coach students, teachers, and parents on ways of using life experience, emotional literacy, and perspective to positively transform present moment awareness.

The Academy for Coaching Parents certification program which I completed in the fall 2011 had a HUGE impact on my parent coaching business. By selecting to focus on the special need’s niche, I was able get a clear focus on the business and marketing side. With Caron’s help, I gained a real detailed perspective of the dynamic of families of kids with special needs. ACPI’s program, like the discipline of mindfulness, allows one to develop an inner awareness of the possibilities and potentials that we all have.


Todd Corbin

Stress Expert, Certified Parenting Coach, and Mindfulness Teacher, In The Moment LLC

The course follows these training topics:

Topic 1: Introduction to Parenting Coaching

Topic 2: The Business and Process of Coaching a Client

Topic 3: Coaching Skills Labs

Topic 4: Parent Temperament Styles

Topic 5: Children’s Temperament Traits

Topic 6: Putting Concepts Into A Business Model

“The organization of the coursework, the knowledge base of the instructors, and the professional presentation of the material for the Parent Coach Certification program by the Academy for Coaching Parents International surpassed all of my expectations and desires. I loved how I learned different ways to apply and integrate the information for my personal and spiritual growth as well as for being a confident, caring and knowledgeable parent coach. I highly recommend this program and the academy for anyone who wants to become an efficient parent coach, improve their parenting skills, or learn how to interact with children in more positive, supporting and loving ways.”


Sandra Couts, MSN, RN, CHTP

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