Certified Parent-Family Coach Mastery Training

Motivating and Training Parenting Coaches to Inspire Parents and Influence Families

Parent-Family Coach Training – 20-22 weeks total completing one online lesson a week.

This parent-family coach program is now online. You enroll and receive the Gateway URL, where your journey starts. Then you navigate from one lesson to the next. Each lesson has an assignment, which must be completed to meet the course completion requirements. A weekly or bi-monthly phone consults occurs with the Trainers for the classes. Their purpose is to practice coaching, using forms, practice with the assessments, answer questions, and talk about your Parent-Coaching Business. 

 The course follows these training topics:

  1. Coaching theory-ethics-history
  2.  Parent temperament styles and children
  3. Coaching business protocol with a client
  4. Lab: Practice coaching skills
  5. Neuroscience and coaching whole parent & whole child
  6. Parent- Family Coaching 
  7. Wrap-up-legalities and next steps

My name is Todd Corbin and I am a certified parenting consultant, mindfulness instructor, and educational resource. I speak professionally to and coach students, teachers, and parents on ways of using life experience, emotional literacy, and perspective to positively transform present moment awareness. I was labeled learning disabled in first grade, and grew up with that label.

The Academy for Coaching Parents certification program which I completed in the fall 2011 had a HUGE impact on my parent coaching business. By selecting to focus on the special need’s niche, I was able get a clear focus on the business and marketing side. With Caron’s help, I gained a real detailed perspective of the dynamic of families of kids with special needs. ACPI’s program, like the discipline of mindfulness, allows one to develop an inner awareness of the possibilities and potentials that we all have.

Todd Corbin

Stress Expert, Certified Parenting Coach, and Mindfulness Teacher , In The Moment LLC

Systemized Successful Coaching Business Steps

A successful coach business happens by planning and putting in place a system for promotion and marketing, which is educating people or a community about your services. The results you want from this effort are sales resulting in clients using coaching services. Coaching candidates usually take this course before or after their coaching certification.

The course modules are open for enrollment throughout the year. You will take this course independently by watching the weekly presentations and completing each step of your business and marketing planning. You send your assignments to Dr. Goode and also schedule a weekly conference time for mentoring as your business planning and marketing take shape.


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