The end result of this exercise is to determine which values will provide a foundation for your business, which will establish your goals, and then become a foundation for your work and outreach.

Let’s Start With Values in Families As An Example

Do the exercise on page 7 as a family values learning event.Read the Ebook by Minette Riordan called Values Strengthen Your Commitment and Connection to Family.

cover3d_567456080b020Using Core Value to Strengthen Commitment and Connection

Then choose 5 to 10 values that you want for your coaching business:

The Values Index Sheet is a bonus to use with your family and clients.

Values Index Sheet


Points To Note

Core Values: Most people lack a clear purpose in life and are normally not aware of their core values. We call “core values” those with which you were born, and they influence your interactive style and choices. You’ll discover your core values when you take the temperament inventory.

Cultural Values: The values for families, living life, and being with friends are usually shared. They are cultural values.

Our values are extremely important. They shape most of our choices and activities: relationships, behavior, choices and personal identity.

The video on the right presents Dr Minette Riordan and Dr. Caron Goode introducing through a webinar values for relationships, and the course for relationships ACPI offered for clarifying values. Time: 60 minutes. 

If this presentation does not open in your current browser, you can see the replay directly here:

Replay Page: The password is acpi. Click to listen and then sync the slides by clicking on “Listen with slides.”