The goal is to leverage your values into hands-on business objectives which are highly relevant and actionable. You might start taking action now or you might wait until after taking the Parent-Family Coach Training.

Entering specifically into the coaching profession requires that the coach knows their talents and why they are pursuing this role.

WHY: You can only help someone else along the path of personal growth pr achievement to the point that you have achieved.

Part one of the PREP domain is to respond to a questionnaire called “What Do I Bring.”

What You Bring to your clients eventually becomes a mission statement.


What do you bring to coaching clients.pdf (powerpoint format)


What do you bring to coaching clients-notes-format.pdf (Powerpoint notes format)


ACP How-to-set-your-business-goals.pdf


How can you leverage your natural gifts to be more successful as an entrepreneurial coach?

“To leverage them, first you have to identify them. Now, all of your God-given gifts are natural to you; it’s the thing that you do the absolute best with the least amount of effort. So, if you have innately these wonderful gifts, then that comes from a highly positive state, therefore it will automatically make room for you in your life.

“Leveraging, if it means bargaining it for something, isn’t necessary. I think that if you are merely doing your gift, and you do it so well, there are people who will support that, financially and spiritually. It’s a matter of doing your gift so well, as good as anyone else and better, and somebody’s going to pay you for that expertise.”

Steve Harvey, Best-Selling author of Act Like A Success. Think Like A Success