Course Enrollment

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  • How to Enroll in the Academy for Coaching Parents (ACPI)

    1. Pay tuition in full before you take a course. Review the course selections below, check the box, and move forward through the payment process.

    2. Next notify Dr. Caron Goode so you can be given the access to your courses.

    3. Pay tuition through a monthly payment process by applying to Bill-me-Later program. How does it work: If you are accepted into the program, will pay your tuition directly to ACPI for your course. You make payments to

    4. If option one and two are not available to you, email and set an appointment to speak with Dr. Caron Goode, founder, to work out a monthly payment plan with a valid credit card.

  • ACPI General Policies

    Please read these operating policies thoroughly. Your signature serves as the evidence that you have read, understand, and will abide by the policies.

    1. Academy for Coaching Parents International is a registered business and registered domain name. It is a subsidiary of Inspired Living International LLC.
    2. Trademark: HeartWise® is the trademarked brand of parenting and coaching strategies offered through ACPI. The brand demonstrates compassionate, caring strategies for coaching the whole person.
    3. Trademark: Core Temperament Essentials™ designates the training, certification, guidebooks, inventories, assessments, reports and other educational coaching and training materials, herein referred to CTE
    4. Legal Agreement: ACPI Certified (TITLE) Coach is the designated brand for graduates of the Academy for Coaching Parents. Examples: Certified Parenting Coach, Certified Parent-Family Coach, Certified Coach for Special Needs and Behavioral Issues.
    5. You will be asked to sign a legal agreement that you have completed all coursework, reading, and tuition requirements. Please request a copy if you would like to read it.
    6. Enrollment Policy: We have an open enrollment policy, meaning you step into a course as is scheduled throughout the year. A calendar of courses is on the ACPI site and included in this document
    7. Admissions: Admission to ACPI is open to all persons’ ages 25 and over who have the motivation, intellectual maturity and sense of responsibility to complete an educational program and mentor others. An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree is preferred, but not necessary. Seasoned parents and grandparents are welcome. The real criterion for helping another is life experience, service, volunteer experiences, educational experiences, and any experience with parents, kids, or families. Why? This demonstrates that you are interpersonal, understand heart-based service, and you get things done!
    8. Payment Policies: All payments or payment plans are instituted upon enrollment. ACPI accepts credit cards, PayPal,.com, wire transfers, money orders, and direct deposits. All tuition is payable in US dollars to Inspired Living International LLC, of which the Academy for Coaching Parents is a subsidiary. Enrollment deposits and tuition are nonrefundable.
    9. Additional Expenses: You may incur additional expenses for course books, assessments, MP3s, depending upon the courses you take.
    10. Financial Aid: ACPI does not participate in any government-assisted loan or financial aid programs. You can establish a line of credit through Bill ME Later payments options on To learn how
    11. Course Work: ACPI reserves the right to withdraw students from coursework if tuition payments are not up-to-date. Students have twelve months from the time of enrollment in which to complete all coursework and all certification requirements. Contact Dr. Goode to arrange an extension beyond the customary twelve-month completion cycle.
    12. Access: Students who have Comcast, Yahoo, or Hotmail account may have difficulty receiving attachments. We suggest getting a Google email account, even if for the duration of the course.
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