Successful Coaching Business Set-Up In Systemized Steps

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?We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.? ~ Aristotle

If we learn one point from Aristotle, then learn excellent steps and repeat those steps. Learn the steps once. Then repeat and repeat. A successful coaching business is a thrilling experience. You learn! You plan! You dream! Then one day you see how your planning for the budget, the clients, the security and fun all came together. You accomplished this by facing fears and focusing forward.

The steps to a successful coaching business and?marketing are shared?through 6 modules, 30 minutes to 60 minutes in length. They are proven blueprints to follow. ACPI gives them to you freely.

Successful Coaching Business
successful coaching business
Successful Coaching Business
successful coaching business

Nuts and Bolts of a Successful Coaching Business

Having a successful coaching business happens when you are?determined, positive, purposeful, and passionate. That enthusiastic ?energy motivates you. Afraid you can?t do it? We were?too. Fearful of being overwhelmed. Those fears are perfectly?natural for those in helping professions. We like our comfort zones. We recognize fear easily. We acknowledge and move ahead anyway. We are motivated!

Our hearts are happy when we are being helpful, creative, and?bringing harmony to others. The ACPI mentors applaud fear?because we?ve learned to trust its truest meaning…you are near the?edge and the magnificent panorama is almost in view. Fear creeps?in when you are close to a breakthrough. We?ve been there too,?and we can walk you through your fear to financial success.

We will help you clarify your business vision, your bountiful budget, and help you package your?expertise for the courageous coach you want to be.

You take one step closer and you can fly!


A successful coach business happens by planning and putting in place a system for promotion and marketing, which is educating people or a community about your services. The results you want from this effort are sales resulting in clients using coaching services.


A successful coaching businesses has a solid platform..Business planning includes standard, necessary items like a logo, name, legal registration, and the form your business will take.

What happens next is the magic of your business vision. How will you create and organize your services? Possibly you will even create a manifesto about your business.


Coaching candidates usually take this course before or after their coaching certification. The course modules are open for enrollment throughout the year. You will take this course independently by watching the weekly presentations and completing each step of your business and marketing planning. You send your assignments to Dr. Goode and also schedule a weekly conference time for mentoring.

Magic Happens In Your Business Vision and Story

AND In How You Create and Organize Your Services

A successful coaching business can be the standard package of trading one ?hour of your time for ?a specified amount of money.?
However, there are flaws in this model for you and the client, which is covered in module 2. We’ll inspire you to think outside the box for a successful coaching business based on your passion and interests.

The business and?marketing are shared?through?7 modules, 30 minutes to 70 minutes in length, that provides a proven blueprint to follow.?

Requirements: The course?is required for those who have not yet established a business plan to provide you with a financially sound base of planning your system. Your success is our success.?

If you are a coach ?or helping professional without a?successful coaching business, that is earning what you want beyond “needs,” ?we highly recommend that you take this course and finally learn to employ a successful, proven system that works for you.

The marketing marvel you will become is not complicated at all, and follows a specific system for attracting clients and then engaging clients for coaching. Public relations are discussed as optional based upon your marketing choices.

certified parent-family coach

Module One – Overview of Business and Marketing

The first module provides the overview of business plan legalities, and reviews next steps so you can organize your thoughts into a proven program of value for your clients and passionate and profits for yourself.

Module Two – Define Your Client

Having a crystal clear idea of who you want to do business with – and who you don?t want as a customer – is absolutely critical. Thus, your business plan revolves around who will be your customer. You?ll train in

How to choose your customer.
How to define their needs, values, fears and strengths.
How to make an emotional connection with your client.
Your marketing will match their needs and demonstrate to them that you have the potential to solve their problem.

Module Three – Design Coaching Packages & Services

You have to move out of the mindset and habit of exchanging your time for money. That business plan keeps you tied in time. In the business plan financials, you?ll design coaching packages services around what kind of information your clients desire to achieve their results.

Module Four – How to Find and Engage Your Clients and Design Your Marketing Message

Now you know who you are coaching and how you will offer your services. The marketing approach depends on where you find and engage a client, such as in your community, or through social media, public speaking, for example. This module shows you how to do that, and your business plan depends on your choices from the first four modules.

Module Five ? Plan 3 Marketing Tactics

The marketing mindset first explores limited thoughts or resistances to marketing and how to market with confidence that you can develop a marketing message and materials for your chosen client profile.

Module Six – Complete Your Successful System

Put in place all of the magical marketing plan, public relations and financial planning and coaching deliverables comes together as you complete a 6-or-12 month plan which is your authentic blueprint to success

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