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INSTRUCTIONS:  Read the statement and then determine if the statement is true for you.


SCORING:    Assign points to how you answered each questions with this point system.

RARELY = 2 points for each one                SOMETIMES = 4 points for each one          USUALLY = 6 points for each one


Lower Range represents the lack of faith in yourself or lack of self respect. This indicates that your reliance on other’s opinions about you  are more important than your personal feelings or preferences.

Higher Range indicates that you are comfortable with yourself, have a healthy self-esteem and respect your choices and decisions. You take responsibility for your choices and see errors as opportunities to learn and improve. You reach out and learn from others and speak up when necessary.

Middle Range could indicate that you are growing into your persona, and may still need to reach a comfortable level of self esteem without questioning every choice or having to seek the advice of others.



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