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Hello From Dr. Caron Goode! Welcome to inspiring and influential experiences in Coach Intuitive Parents training and Children. I am your mentor for Part One and your trainer for Part Two. Please tell me how I can support you. I would like to connect once a week with you to learn about your progress, support your journey, and answer questions or practice skills. Here is how to connect with me:

Email: caron30@gmail.com ? ? ?Phone: 682-351-0328 (California, pacific time)

Skype: caron.goode (by appointment) ?

Part One is about what you would like to create in your business or how to supercharge what you already have developed. Since our best creations come from the inside out, part one takes you inside to get ideas, alignment, and inspiration to express through vision boards, manifesto or both. I hope you have fun and enjoy the creative mind and heart that you bring to others. Manifest your mission in this section.

Part Two is the formal intuitive coach training for parents that meets virtually online once a week. I’ll order your books and send them to you for your reading. The award winning book Raising Intuitive Children is the text for the course. Previous students have also asked for the book Kids Who See Ghosts, so ACPI will send this one also. Both books are easy to read and provide an excellent foundation about intuitive children from a practical view.

First Review and Download Your Bonuses

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Part One

Part 1 – Creating Your Vision and Manifesto

Complete Part One at your pace and complete the five intuitive learning modules by the end of July.

Conference by phone or Skype with Dr. Goode once a week or email any questions, feedback, conversation and what you are learning, intuiting, and manifesting.

Start Here For the Overview


Access To The Links & Materials


One – Manifesto Presentations – Watch 2 short videos on what is a manifesto and prompts to help you think through your value and offering for your client. 

Two – Understanding Vision Board functions for creating your signature product as well as your business vision.

Three ? HeartWise? Intuition strategy for your for focused experience on this course and to create your ideas and images for business.

Four – Creating the Manifesto Vision Board by merging the manifesto principles into a vision board of the product ideas, clients, benefits, images or steps?how you want to create!

Five – Creating the first steps of a personal business plan to make this real and profitable or you.

Part Two Course Modules Will Be Accessed Here

Before The Course Starts in August

?Part 2 – Training for Intuitive Parents & Children

  • Wednesdays: August 5 ? September 16, 2015
  • Time:?5 pm to 7 pm pacific time
  • International students will listen to replays of the presentations and discussions

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